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Filed under: Leonsis Chat & Tuesday's News

Ted Leonsis chatted over at early this afternoon. Some highlights (ok, a highlight - one wonders how many tough questions got nixed):

Potomac, Md.: I'm a big Caps fan and am excited to see the Caps and the NHL back on the ice again. One thing i was looking forward to was seeing Alexander Semin and Dainius Zubrus back in Caps uniforms. Do you expect to see those two on the team come opening night?

Ted Leonsis: Yes, I expect them both to be playing. First, because Alexander Semin is under contract with us and we already paid his transfer fee to the Russian federations and we are working that issue on a daily basis. In regard to Zubrus, he is an RFA and we are in discussions with his agent about a contract extension and I'm hopeful that we can bring him back to Washington this season.

No, I don't think that question was from Jeff Halpern. In other news: