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WaPo's Caps Beat Writer Chats

It probably speaks volumes of what the Washington Post (and, presumably by extension, its readers) think of the Capitals and of hockey in general when they assign heretofore unheard of Tarik El-Bashir to the Caps beat. But he's certainly no worse than Jason LaCanfora or Rachel Alexander, his immediate predecessors. And if you can wade through the constant Tony Kornholer and Michael Wilbon hating on hockey to find El-Bashir's columns, they're usually fairly insightful.

In any event, El-Bashir held an online chat this afternoon. Most of the chat was pure speculation, as opposed to the following "highlights" that are only partly speculative. Pretty worthless chat, all in all.

Arlington, Va.: Do the Capitals still get to keep the rights to Ovechkin?

Tarik El-Bashir: Yes. The Capitals will still own the rights to Ovechkin whether he plays here this season or not. How long they keep his rights depends on the new CBA, which virtually no one has seen.


New York, N.Y.: The other day Don Meehan, Alexander Ovechkin's agent, indicated that Ovechkin may remain in Russia because he can make more money there and his family is there. Is there any indication from the organization, or in general, about AO's thinking this coming season?

Tarik El-Bashir: From everything I've been told, Ovechkin has indicated to the Capitals that he wants to play in the NHL next season. He knows he can make more money in Russia, but he wants to prove himself against the best players in the world.