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Tie Domi: Moron

Tie Domi apparently went off recently with the following:

"This deal is going to benefit guys like Sean Avery and Manny Legace - who wasn't here," Domi said before leaving Thursday. "It's easy to knock things, especially when things are getting settled, and that's the only thing I had an issue with.

"Speak your mind but don't do it when you haven't even played 100 games in the league. It just wasn't the time for any of those guys to speak up. If Manny Legace had some issues, where was he last night to speak about it? I give Sean Avery credit for being here.

"Manny Legace? I didn't know him, the only thing I knew about him was that he played 10 games when Dominik Hasek played 72 and they won a Stanley Cup. All of a sudden (Legace) is in the headlines for something he said."

Despite Domi's devastating lack of grammar, cripplingly limited vocabulary and stunning innaccuracy on facts (Manny Legace has played in 146 regular season games, including 20 in the Wings' last Cup season, in which Dominik Hasek played in 65 games; Sean Avery has played in 163), does he have a point? Of course not. The only reason we lost an entire season of hockey is because over-priced, over-the-hill veterans ignored the good of the game in some ridiculous quest to increase their investment portfolios. As in any union, all members are entitled to competent leadership and representation, whether they've been in the union twenty years or twenty minutes.

But maybe Domi sees the writing on the wall and knows that the NHL is headed towards becoming a League of talented hockey players and not cowardly thugs. Or maybe he's just scared of the new no-steroids drug policy. I wonder why he'd be worried about that...