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Rumor du Jour And More 411

SLAM! is reporting that the Kings are interested in trading for Chris Pronger. has a list of each team's current contract obligations for the upcoming season, as well as their restricted and unrestricted free agents. details some key dates in the days and weeks ahead.

We all know that Sidney Crosby will go #1 in the July 30 Entry Draft. But who's next? Bob McKenzie gives us his top 30 draft prospects.

Finally some good news for the Caps - it looks as though the portion of Jaromir Jagr's contract for which they are still on the hook will not count against the Caps' salary cap total, according to the N.Y. Daily News.

The Caps today named former Cap (news to me) Dean Evason as an assistant to head coach Glen Hanlon. Whoopty-flippin'-doo.