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I Think I Just Threw Up In My Mouth

The statistics said there was a 93.75% chance that this wasn't going to happen, but my gut said otherwise (insert JP's gut joke here). And there, for all (who have digital cable) to see, was Commissioner Gary Bettman announcing the Pittsburgh Penguins as the winners of the Sidney Crosby sweepstakes. All of the sudden 3-1 playoff series leads start disappearing in my head and Petr Nedved's wrist shot reappears and is replayed on a loop. How did a team that has had a top-2 pick in the last two drafts land the #1 pick this time around? Isn't there a limit of one savior per franchise? Should we have seen this coming after the success of that "March of the Penguins" documentary? It's just... not... fair.

But I should look on the bright side - imagine how I'd feel if Alex Ovechkin had decided to stay in Russia.

Update: A post on the Caps message board shows the winners and losers of the draft lottery based solely on 2003-04 standings (the Caps got screwed third worst overall).