The Noon Number

The Noon Number: Three-by-Three for the Third Line


A look at a D.C. rarity turned by Gang Green

The Noon Number: Playing for Pride


A look at a first for the Caps' top pivot

The Noon Number: Pump Down the Volume


A look at why save percentage only tells you so much...

The Noon Number: Top-Heavy Penalty Kill


A look at the heavy workload Washington's top penalty killers are carrying

The Noon Number: Three Goals or Busted


A look at Adam Oates's Capitals' difficulty winning low-scoring games

The Noon Number: A Ward Tour


A look at one of the season's few bright spots

The Noon Number: Evening Out


A look at how the Caps' captain's even-strength production has changed under the current coach

The Noon Number: So You're Saying There's a Chance


A look at the Capitals' dwindling playoff hopes

The Noon Number: April is the Coolest Month


A look at how the Capitals have fared in recent seasons' final regular-season month

The Noon Number: Working Overtime


A look at all the free hockey the Washington Capitals have provided their fans this season


The Noon Number: Saturday Storm a-Brewin'


A look at the Caps' next opponent, which has done alright for itself since the teams last met

The Noon Number: Uneven Strength


A look at the Caps captain's current even-strength scoring drought

The Noon Number: A Memorable First


A few notes on a Caps' rookie's first NHL goal

Noon Number: Even-Strength, Minus the "Strength"


A look at the Capitals' top line... err, "top line"

The Noon Number: Five and Alive


A look at Washington's run through California

The Noon Number: Riding the Green Line


A look at the Capitals' unlikely "top" line

The Noon Number: All-Right is Alright?


A look at how the S.S. Capitals is tilting to the starboard side

The Noon Number: This is 40 (for 41)


A look at one goalie who (fortunately) seems to thrive under heavy fire

The Noon Number: California Dreaming


A look at the daunting task that lies ahead of the Caps this week

The Noon Number: Brouwer-Play Goals


A look at the hottest goal-scorer in Washington's lineup

The Noon Number: Cruel Winter


A look at how the Capitals have fared since the weather got cold

The Noon Number: Locking Up the Pieces


Looking at what loose ends remain for the team this summer

The Noon Number: Kill or Be Killed


Looking at the Caps' lack of success while down a man since the start of 2014

The Noon Number: The Pens are Mightier


A look at how the Capitals have fared against their biggest rival under their current bench boss

The Noon Number: Power Hours


A look at a couple of teams making the most of their man advantages

The Noon Number: Shot Down


A look at the woeful shot totals from last night's Caps loss

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