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Friday Roundup/Gamenight: Caps @ Thrashers

[SeSo Open Thread]Tonight's the game blood-thirsty fans from Atlanta to Washington have been waiting for - the big rematch with the Thrashers. For a number of reasons, I wouldn't expect many...

Sunday Roundup/Caps 3, Thrash 2 (OT)

[SeSo Open Thread]A few weeks ago following the Caps 4-1 win over the Flyers I said to my father, "This may sound ridiculous, but I think Alex Semin might have more pure skill than Alex Ovechkin."...

Monday Roundup/Gamenight: Caps @ Thrash

[SeSo Open Thread]That alarm clock went off pretty early this morning, didn't it?After playing their best game in recent weeks Saturday night on the Island, the Caps took the midnight train to...

Wednesday Roundup/Caps 1, Panthers 0Gamenight: Caps @ Thrashers

[NHL.com Recap - WashingtonCaps.com Postgame Coverage - SeSo Open Thread]When I guarantee a win, you can take it to the bank (although I was certain that another recent post of mine would be the...

Thursday Roundup/Caps 3, Thrashers 2

[SeSo Open Thread - NHL.com Recap]I'm having some difficulty this morning. I can't decide which is my favorite quote from Tarik's recap of last night's game:"Today, the Thrashers see a good team --...

If The Thrashers Fall And No One's Watching, Do They Make A Sound?

The silver lining for the Thrashers is that while they were busy getting swept out of the playoffs by the Rangers, at least no one was watching.

Subtraction By Addition

The Atlanta Thrashers have signed Joel Kwiatkowski.

NHL Season Preview: Atlanta Thrashers

As promised, here's the first of my Southeast Division Team Previews from over at FanHouse. Today's victim, err, subject is Atlanta, who finally made the playoffs for the first time last year. Will...

Tuesday Roundup/Thrashers 4, Ovechkin 2

[SeSo Open Thread]Early in last night's 4-2 loss to the Thrash I asked the hockey gods if these Caps could "win just one [expletive] game that they're not supposed to." Maybe the puck deities are...

Friday Roundup/Gamenight: Caps @ Thrashers

[AP Preview - WashingtonCaps.com Preview]It's been a long summer, filled with lots of optimism, expectation and talk, but now it's time to see just what George McPhee and Glen Hanlon have put...

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