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Russian Center Rumor du Jour

I joked about it the other day, but with the Edmonton Journal reporting that "there's a possibility the Jackets might buy out centre Sergei Fedorov's last year," it really is just a matter of time...

Ovechkin, Fedorov Training With Dynamo

Thanks to Dmitry Chesnokov for passing along these pictures of Alex Ovechkin and Sergei Fedorov training with HC Dynamo Moscow.As you know, AO played four seasons with Dynamo, leading the team in...

Tuesday Roundup/Gamenight: Lightning @ Caps

[SeSo Open Thread]When the Caps and Bolts take to the ice tonight at the V.C., they'll be two teams headed in opposite directions. Tampa is a recent League Champ whose best days seem to be behind...

Fedorov To The Caps For Ruth

The Caps have acquired center Sergei Fedorov from Columbus (a move we sorta foresaw back in June) for prospect Teddy Ruth (ranked as the Caps' 14th-best prospect by Hockey's Future).Fedorov - no...

Sergei Fedorov: The Marketing Side

While we're all hopeful for what Sergei Fedorov will do for the Caps on the ice, don't forget that he has been one of the League's most marketable players for more than a decade. Here are some...

Tuesday Night Open Thread

While you were busy hitting your browser's "refresh" button every three seconds since this morning and "working," you might have forgotten that the Caps have a game tonight.And while none of the...

Sergei Fedorov: The Statutory Early Years

Late yesterday, someone asked me whether I'd use the Sergei Fedorov trade as an excuse to post pictures of Anna Kournikova on The Rink."Absolutely not," I responded, "And the mere suggestion that I...

Thursday Roundup

With no game to recap or preview, today we reached out to bloggers from Montreal, C'Bus and Vancouver to get their takes on the three trades the Caps made on Tuesday (and if any Atlanta bloggers...

The New Guys And Their Numbers

Now that the three new Caps have settled on their jersey numbers (you're gonna stick with 38, right, Cris?), here's a quick rundown of all the 24's, 38's and 91's to ever don a Caps sweater:24Larry...

Friday Roundup

Discussion time, peeps.Rink Reader Kyle shot me an email the other day that I'd like to throw open to the group:[Effusive praise omitted]I have a question re: goalie stats. In many of your game...

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