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Tuesday Caps Clips: Captain Clark, On Patrol


Daily Washington Capitals news and notes

The Caps, The Draft and The Cup


It's no secret that winning the Stanely Cup isn't easy, and if you were drafted by the Washington Capitals, it's been nearly impossible... so far.

Saturday Roundup - Gamenight: Caps @ Leafs


[AP Preview - WashingtonCaps.com Preview] Since the Caps canned him on May 10, 2002, Ron Wilson is 4-0 as a head coach against Washington. All-time, Crazy Ron is 7-2-1 against the team he took to...

Monday Roundup


Since injuries are the story of the day/week/month, I'll throw out a question for discussion and be back with more later. Q: If you could have one of the injured Caps back in the lineup for...

Back To The Draft Board


The Chicago Blackhawks have won the NHL Draft Lottery and with it, the number one pick overall. By doing so, the 'Hawks leap-frog the Caps (as the Caps had done to them in 2004 when they jumped up...

Organizational Tree Updated


With the help of Marshall and others, I've updated the Organizational Tree to reflect where the Caps got their additional draft picks (i.e. those that weren't theirs based on the standings or...

Thursday Roundup


In case you missed it, Boyd Gordon's injury is a broken hand, one that he received during the first period of last Wednesday's Florida game. It should be noted that he played 15:38 in the game and...

Friday Roundup/Gamenight: Caps @ Devils


[AP Preview - WashingtonCaps.com Preview]Two players skate onto a rink. Player A has 3 goals, 12 assists, 8 PIMs, 78 shots on goal and a minus-1 rating on the year. Player B has 5 goals, 10...

Scott Stevens: The Most Effective Draft Choice In Caps History?


Eric Duhatschek has a great post up over at the Globe and Mail posing the question "What was the single most effective draft choice in NHL history?" He asserts that "it was the Atlanta Flames’...

Tuesday Roundup/Gamenight: Caps @ Preds


[AP Preview - WashingtonCaps.com Preview]And so it begins.The Caps can't make the playoffs with a great road trip, but they sure as hell can take themselves out of post-season contention if things...

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