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Braydon Coburn vs Stanley Cup Winning Defensemen, or What the Flyers Need

There have been a lot of articles about the good play of Braydon Coburn lately, the "emergence" of Braydon Coburn, and a lot of talk about him being the Flyers current number 1 defenseman, and a...

Frozen Grounds: The Nearly-Invisible Defensemen

The defensemen, while a key position in hockey, are often overlooked. Unless they can score goals, of course.

New York Rangers Breaking News: Rangers Sign Defenseman Brendan Bell

New York Rangers Breaking News: Rangers Sign Defensemen Brendan Bell

What will the blueline look like without Volchenkov?

The Ottawa Senators could lose both Andy Sutton and Anton Volchenkov to free agency on July 1st. Without them, who do they have left for their blueline?

Year-In-Review – 8 – Jack Johnson

Now that all the goalies have been reviewed, it's time to move to the defensemen. It might get a little hairy for these guys, but I think there's been enough time from the end of the season to now...

Year-In-Review – 9 – Rob Blake

Moving along to JJ's mentor through his first season with the Kings, Rob Blake. Blake definitely had an up-and-down season in terms of numbers, but then again, so did everyone on the roster. I...

Year-In-Review – 10 – Lubomir Visnovsky

Little LuboLubomir Visnovsky played in all 82 games this season tallying 8 goals and 33 assists for 41 points. He ended at a -18 and had 34 PIM (although I'm going to count that as 24 since he...

Year-In-Review – 11 – Brad Stuart

I guess it’s fitting that I move on to Brad Stuart now since his team has won the Stanley Cup.B-Stu!I think I felt just about every emotion while watching Stuart play this year; among them and (for...

Year-In-Review – 12 – Tom Preissing & Kevin Dallman

I think I spent more than enough time during the season bagging on these two guys. I'll try not to go back to those ways for this review. I put these two in one post because (1) they were paired...

Year-In-Review – 13 – Jaroslav Modry

Jaroslav Modry was one of the defensemen that started out the year with the Kings but ended up on a different roster in February. He played in 61 games for the Kings this season getting 1 goal, 5...

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