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A New Arena for Hard-Core Sports Fans

The WaPo has a nice article on SB Nation that I managed to avoid getting mentioned in. Check it out.

Blogger Roundtable

Eric over at Off Wing recently moderated a blogger roundtable (subject: the Caps)with participants that included yours truly, Friend o' The Rink KB, the fellas over at OFB and DCSportsChick. Check...

If I Were A Hockey Player

Apparently Jes has started a new chain letter that's spreading through the blogosphere faster than his mom's chlamydia. Casonblog has tagged me, so here we go.If I Were a Hockey PlayerTeam:...

The View From Your Playoff Seat

Caps and Bears fans, meet your 2007 Calder Cup opponents (blogwise).Steph (No Pun Intended), HockeyGirl (DoubleD(ion)), Sherry (Scarlett Ice), Elly (No Pun Intended). Sent by Sherry. Toronto, ON.B...

Entry Draft Blogger Party In C'bus

While I wasn't initially planning to make the trip up to Columbus for the Entry Draft, I'm now reconsidering as I've gotten word from Drew at End of the Bench that there will be a blogger get...

The View From Your Playoff Seat

The Flames Blogosphere (Toronto chapter) watching Game 3, Saturday night at The Wheatsheaf Pub, Toronto.L to R: Duncan of Flames Blog, walkinvisible of Hit the Post, Leanne from Open Ice Hits, and...

Preach It, Brother

Take a minute or twenty to read The Peerless Prognosticator's ode to Caps fandom. It is, in a word, fantastic.

Humpday Morning Funny

As you know, we've been running our UFA Pool contest for a week or two now. Last week, I got the following email and thought little of it: Giving away a free Nintendo Wii? Cool. Threats and name...

Defining The Hockey Blogosphere With Urban Dictionary

I'd like to think that I'm relatively hip (hey, I said relatively), and that I am at least somewhat in touch with the cultural phenomena that define emerging generations, be they X, Y or Z (if and...

The Peerless Benchmarks

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but if you're not reading The Peerless Prognosticator, you need to be. He routinely brings some of the strongest analysis, style and opinion around, and his...

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