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Corey Perry Likes To Pour Gasoline On Fires


Let's play a game kids! Can you figure out which Ducks player shoots water out of a Gatorade bottle at Patrick Roy? You won't will be shocked at who it is. Huge thank you to @robpizzo and @john_noon for the heads up

Canucks At Avalanche: Givin' No Slack


The Canucks have dominated the Avalanche this season, going 3-0 and outscoring them 10-3.

Canucks At Avalanche Preview: Do It Right


Canucks are 1-10 in their last 11 Sunday games. Oh god, not again..

Canucks win, Lu with the shutout. Oh shit now what


Canucks beat the Avalance 3-0, Roberto Luongo has his first shutout of the season and now we wonder "what the fuck happens next?"

Avalanche At Canucks Game Preview: Domination


AVALANCHE CANUCKS AT Time Wed. 7:00 PM PST TV Sportsnet Pac. Season Series 2011-12: 6-0-0 Canucks Last Meeting 1-0 Canucks Mar.08/12 The Enemy Mile...



If Gabe does not win the Calder Trophy today, awarded "to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League", then I'm calling for a galactic rebellion. And I call him LANDO, not Landy. Even though I'm someone sometimes called "Andy". He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You'd like him.

USA, Canada both blow late leads at IIHF Quarters, sent packing.


Well, at least Paul Stastny was named USA's top forward, 3g6a, and totally dominated the faceoff circle. Thanks JIMMY HOWARD, always.

Game 78: Avalanche At Canucks Preview: Smoke Cigarettes And Drink My Whiskey


Since March 10, the Canucks have played 7 games. Out of those 7 games, 6 have been decided by 1 goal.

Game 75: Canucks At Avalanche Preview: Raise My Fist And Resist


I like how the Canucks have improved over the past couple of games. But one thing remains here: LACK OF SCORING.

Not the kind of press we're looking for


Please people, have a little self-respect. This is the worst jersey foul ever! This guy is obviously one of those Detroit transplants.

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