Caps vs. Bruins Preseason

  1. Let's
  2. Go
  3. Caps
  4. Beat the Bruins!
  5. Tonight!

Montreal Recommendations (Weekend of Feb. 3-5)?

  1. Hotels?
  2. Restaurants?
  3. Things to See/Do?
  4. Sweater more likely to get me beat up: Caps Home Red or Carlson USA?
  5. Any other tips relating to MTL or Centre Bell?

Friday meetup for Rangers Game (details to be determined)

  1. Time - Pregame (we'll be there at around 5:00)
  2. Place - Bar Louie 701 7th St. NW
  3. Beverage of choice - Gimlet
  4. Favorite non-Caps player - Jarome Iginla
  5. There is no #5 - It was retired in 1997

OT Hockey - Feb 20th

  1. PIT-CHI 3:30 PM EST
  2. MTL-CGY 6:00 PM EST

Who Scores the 5th Goal at Home (Last 3+ years)

  1. Ovechkin - 11
  2. Green - 5
  3. Backstrom and Semin - 3 each
  4. Team - 3 (shoot-out)
  5. Flash, Gordo, B-Mo - 2 each

Caps Rookie Game 9/16 - Meetup?

  1. Anyone interested in meeting up before the game?
  2. If so, where are we meeting up?
  3. If so, what time?
  4. Who's interested?

My 5 Loudest Moments at the Phone Both

  1. It's not even close, the loudest I've ever heard that building: Feds blows the roof off the joint
  2. Mean Lars burries the Habs in game 2
  3. Opening chant of "Lets Go Caps" in Game 1 vs. Flyers '08
  4. Game winner in the big comeback against the Penguins
  5. Ovie makes a fool of Hamerlik and Price

Crappy Consolations for losing in the first round

  1. Backstrom will cost less than he would have had he performed really well for several rounds.
  2. We'll get a better draft pick.
  3. We keep our 6th round pick that we would have given up for Juice.
  4. Injured players have more time to heal.
  5. We won't be as big of a favorite next year because everyone will expect us to choke

5 reasons the hit on Joe Corvo didn't get punished

  1. The new rule hasn't been added to the Wheel of Justice or Flowchart yet
  2. "Who the &@#* is that? Next item."
  3. "There was no penalty on the play and the dog ate my videotape"
  4. Alex Ovechkin wasn't involved.
  5. "Wait, you were serious about that new rule?"

5 Ruminations on Alex Semin. Now with no bothersome stats! (see how easy it is?)

  1. If a player prefers his privacy, fans will abide and regard him soley by his performance
  2. True artists aren't ultimately motivated by money any more than a $100 million commision ensures a priceless creation (hopefully they have good negotiators tho)
  3. People good at their jobs tend to be liked, admired, and/or respected by their co-workers; unless they are distant, then they are "strange"
  4. Do you guys really call you teammate that as a name of choice?
  5. Players play, and let everybody else worry about everything else
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