I Think I've Figured It Out...

No, I haven't figured out what's wrong with the Caps and their organization, players, etc. That needs someone a helluva lot smarter than me. No, I've figured out one of the fundamental questions of the Universe. Didn't need to call on Neil DeGrasse Tyson either (although Cosmos is a good TV, go watch it.)

I've figured out why there's a gap between the end of the regular season and the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Oh sure, the media will say it's so teams can heal up and prepare. Or it's so that teams can get the logistics done for the travel (if they're on the road) since the trips are on short notice. Maybe they'll say it's for make-up games in case there were issues in finishing the games.

Nope, I figured out why they have the gap, and it's painfully obvious to me now.

It's for fans like us and fans of Vancouver, Phoenix, etc. Fans whose teams fell below expectations and didn't make it to the playoffs. This gap is time for us to get interested in hockey again, and watch the playoffs. If the playoffs started sooner, there might be fewer fans from teams that faltered at the end watching. It's hard work being a fan of a team for a season, or seasons or decades of seasons because passion is required and passion takes effort.

They want us to get our passion back, get the excitement back.... and we will. We're Caps fans, sure but we're also hockey fans. We'll watch and root against our old friends in Pittsburgh, Philly, New York and hope that those teams falter during the postseason, or better, do okay and then suffer a crushing and humiliating defeat that we Caps fans have been through so often already.

That said, we'll be back for the draft in June, Free Agency in July, Prospect Camp in August, Rookie Camp, Training Camp, preseason games in September. The players will be back too (most of them).

Hopefully, in 2014-15, the Caps will back, and rather than thinking they are entitled to something, they'll come back and know that if they want something, they have to earn it.

As a fan, viewing the world through red glasses, in my head, I think they will learn the lessons of this season. My heart says different, in that it knows they will learn the lessons and come back stronger.

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