Caps-Flyers Recap

1st Time Poster Here

So I went with my fellow bro and we were chilling up in the 400 level. Each of us took turns buying Bud Light 25 ozs, pumped they give the extra ounce now. The difference is made. We tried to have 2 a period, probably dropped a hundo on those bad boys.

During the parachute drop a shirt dropped in front of me and I ripped it from some old dude in front of us. Then I gave it to the hottie behind me, but the shirt was too big for her, so I got it back, with her number (UPDATE: The sleeves have officially been cutoff of it now.).

NEXT, the caps promo girl, Erin (@capserin), the smoking babe, heard me and my boy were in the arena and swang by to check us out. We invited her to our post-game ritual of crushing PBRs at Rocket Bar, but she couldn't make it out this time. Always next time babe ;)

Once she left we looked up and saw the game was in Overtime. WHAT THE EFF HAPPENED. Then those Flyer toolbags in our section were of course quiet the whole game, but all of a sudden it was like they were in the 70s winning cups again. They needed to let us all know how awesome they were, and I wanted to let them know how fat and ugly they were.

GAME OVER. No need to discuss that further. The beautiful part is it's now 3:30. My buddy and I are pretty lit, but our phones are now dead because we were Tindering between periods too much. JK JK. You can never Tinder too much. So we hit up Walgreens and buy chargers. Power move.

After about another dozen beers and a trek of Big Buck HD (not that weak old stuff, the bigass screen) , it's time to go home. Only to change clothes to go out for the night. We invited some babes over to pound some beers while our Musical Bro, Zach Schmidt @unkleschmidty serenaded them with some beautiful bluegrass tunes. Chicks love that.

Next thing I know, we're at 18th Street Lounge drinking whiskey on the rocks and stealing the show, At that point, the details get a little fuzzy but guess what! SNOW DAY BABY. Slept until noon. Got a great lift in and now it's time to start boozing again.



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