Capitals-Flyers: Postgame Quotes

Via the team:

Washington Capitals head coach Adam Oates on the Capitals giving up another two goal lead...

"You expect the other team to have a push, but let's not give them that push. To me, they've got nothing going on. We start the period short. Fine. We get into a rhythm and a five minute board is obviously not what we want. We give them life, give their good players life and tire ourselves. They score one on it and figure out how to get one at the end."

Washington Capitals head coach Adam Oates on players keeping their cool when playing against a team like the Flyers...

"We talk about it. We talk about it before the game, between every single period. Obviously there are scrums all the time. We know this team. It's not new. The guys got to do the job. You've got to suck it up when it's your turn. They hit hard too. They're big boys too. They've got to push; they're losing. They've got to push. We've got to be able to handle that."

Washington Capitals head coach Adam Oates on the play of goaltender Braden Holtby...

"Good. Really good. He made some great saves. He kept us in the game really, when we needed it."

Washington Capitals forward Eric Fehr on what the Capitals can do moving forward...

"They [The Philadelphia Flyers] are going to try to intimidate you, and we just need to play our game. That is not the style we play. We don't try to intimidate teams; we try to out skill teams, out work teams and score goals that way. We just have to stick to our game plan and not get baited into theirs."

Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward on what the Capitals are lacking in the third...

"More urgency. Even though we are up, we still have to play desperate a little bit. Just wanting to really finish them off I think. We kind of let them [Philadelphia] off the hook a little bit. We have done that the last couple of games, which is frustrating. I think at times we may sit back a little bit, and you just can't do that in this league, especially with guys like that on the opposition."

Washington Capitals forward Marcus Johansson on tonight's loss...

"First half of the game, we were the better team I think. It was tough with that five minute penalty we got with 10 minutes left, but that's no excuse not to win the game."

Washington Capitals forward Marcus Johansson on what happened in the third...

"We talked about it. We can't get dragged into that [excessive aggression] too much. We have to play our game, and if they want to run around, let them. It's tough. Sometimes you get frustrated and it's tough. It was tough to get that five minute penalty. I didn't see it, but it's not fun."

Philadelphia Flyers head coach Craig Berube on the issues his team had in the first period...

"Three penalties. We were giving them three power plays. We were slow in our end at defending and left the front of the net open a bunch of times for chances. Just a little bit slow defensively and not aggressive enough."

Philadelphia Flyers head coach Craig Berube on his team having to consistently come back in the third period...

"That means we have to play the first and second better, right. First period wasn't good. I thought that we were good after that. I liked the second period. I liked the third obviously."

Philadelphia Flyers forward Vincent Lecavalier on the push his team made after scoring on the power play...

"I think the momentum was on our side after that. We played the way that we know how to play, that we have played in third period pushes. Just getting in deep and playing your zone and getting offensive zone time. We get opportunities like that, and it went well."

Philadelphia Flyers forward Claude Giroux on his team's resiliency...

"I think the whole game we played good, it just wasn't going in. They're a team that when you have a scoring chance they have guys that can score a lot of goals. We saw ourselves being down 4-2, and I think we just kept playing the same way and it started going in later on."

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Mark Streit on what his team had to overcome in order to win today...

"Being down by two going into the third was obviously tough against such a good team. We never gave up. We battled back and we won the game. Not everything was perfect today. We have to improve in a few areas, but overall pretty happy about the big win tonight."

Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Steve Mason on how the veteran leaders played today...

"Coming through in one of the biggest moments of the year right now is great to see. For us to be able to force overtime and get the one point at least and then come through and get the second one against a divisional opponent  who is right behind us in the standings. Just to get one point it's an added bonus to get the second. It's huge."

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