WJC (U20) Development Camp Game Summaries (Day 1)

Having been fortunate enough to have the WJC (U20) Development Camp take place in my "backyard," I decided to take the afternoon off and watch the first two scrimmages. For those that are unfamiliar with the development camp, it is a set of scrimmages between the under-20 players from the USA, Sweden, Finland, and for the first time, Canada. At the beginning of the week, the USA players are broken into two teams, White and Blue. The other teams come as a single unit (but usually have a number of extra players). As the week progresses, the USA team is consolidated into a single team for the final round-robin tournament. For today, USA Team White played against Team Sweden, and Team Blue played against Team Finland. Tomorrow, the games are reversed. Below I will try my best at summarizing the games and what I saw. Pay heed to the fact that I am not the most experienced hockey fan nor am I much of a writer, so take what you read with the appropriate amount of skepticism. Many of the statistics were kept by myself and may have significant errors.(For a more professional recap, go here)

Game 1: USA White vs Team Sweden

The first game was a tightly played affair with teams that appeared to have grudges with each other from the get go. Although no roughing/fighting penalties were ever doled out by the refs, there were a number of after whistle scrums throughout the game. The team lineups were as follows:

USA Team White
Starting Jon Gillies
Backup Collin Olson
Left Right
Grzelcyk Pesce
Sieloff Santini
McCoshen Brodzinski
Clifton Vannelli
Left Wing Center Right Wing
Guentzel Shore Samuelsson
Cammarata Nieves Stepan
*** DiPauli ***
Copp McCarron
Motte Compher ---

The apparent scratch (with no explanation) was Jimmy Lodge.

Team Sweden
Starting Oscar Dansk
Backup Marcus Hogberg
Left Right
Arnesson *** Djoos ***
Dahlstrom Petterson
Hagg Norell
Lundberg Lindholm
Left Wing Center Right Wing
Possler Wennberg Collberg
de la Rose Sundquist Sandberg
*** Burakovsky ***
Wallmark Zaar
Nilsson Gunnarson Karlsson

The players highlighted with *** are the Washington Capitals prospects.

The first period was a specialty team contest. Team Sweden started off by taking a hooking penalty less than 2 minutes into the game. Less than a minute later, the disparity grew more when they took another giving the USA team a 5-3 advantage. Before the first penalty was over, Team USA opened the scoring with a goal by defenseman Grzelcyk with assists going to Brodzinski and Guentzel. However, Team USA returned the favor by taking a penalty a minute later during which Caps prospect Burakovsky scored a power play goal with assists from de la Rose and Pettersson. [Author's Note: I previously had his goal unassisted but I now see the official record has changed. I have also taken the liberty of changing the develpment camp's spelling of Burakowsky and changing it to the Burakovsky spelling that Caps fans are more familiar with]

For a moment, just two minutes later, Team Sweden appeared to be giving Team USA the advantage when they took yet another penalty. Even though Team USA managed to put 3 shots on net, the aggressive penalty kill (it reminded me a lot of NJ in 2011-12) managed to hold the USA off.

For the remaining 10 minutes of the first period, Team USA gave control of the game to Team Sweden by taking two slashing penalties and an interference call. Sweden's power play, which was quarterbacked much of the time by Caps prospect Djoos, put some decent pressure on Team USA but to no avail. The only significant Team USA attempt during the last half of the period was when Cristoval Nieves managed to get a breakaway while short handed only to hit the post.

The first period ended in a 1-1 tie with Team Sweden getting 12 shots to Team USA's 6.

The second period started with Team USA having a jump in their step. After rattling off what I counted as 3 shots (5 attempts) in the first 5 minutes with no Team Sweden response, they then appeared to fall into the first period habit when Henrik Samuelsson took a really inappropriate slashing penalty. During the next 5 minutes of the game, Sweden took control with 5 shots (7 attempts) . Team USA then took another penalty (goalie interference) which was only good in the sense that they had to be on the offense to commit it. A minute after the penalty was over, Team Sweden took the lead with a goal from Anton Lindholm (unassisted).

Team USA answered the goal almost immediately with one of their own by Andrew Copp (unassisted).[I should note that in a comment I posted to sk84fun_dc's FanPost earlier, I thought it was Copp who had taken the bad slashing penalty above. Upon review of my notes, I see that my comment was incorrect]. At this point, the tide appeared to change. Team USA started to show some life again and the period ended with a series of penalties. A pair of coincidentals at 1:15 remaining and an interference penalty by Team Sweden with just 12 seconds remaining.

The second period ended with 2-2 tie and Team USA appeared to be on the rise.

The third period started with a 4 vs 3 situation as Team Sweden. Once again, Team Sweden's aggressive penalty kill seemed to put Team USA on the defense. Once the penalties were over, the majority of the period consisted of back and forth play. It wasn't until there was about 4 minutes remaining, that things started to fall apart for Team USA.

Team USA committed that dreadful over the glass delay of game penalty that lead to what would become Team Sweden's game winning goal by Lucas Wallmark (assist to Collberg). Team USA tried to answer but found themselves short once again after Quentin Shore high sticked one of the Swedes. Team Sweden made short work of it with a goal by Possler from Dahlstrom. It was during this penalty kill, when Caps prospect DiPauli made a rather spectacular sliding block on a slapshot from the half-boards. He managed to get back into position before the subsequent goal was scored but it made little difference.

Game final: Sweden 4, USA Team White 2

Overall, Caps prospects Djoos and DiPauli made pretty decent impressions on me. Djoos did a fine job as the Sweden PP quarterback and was able to move the puck up the ice. His coach put him into all situations through the game as well. DiPauli, being on a third line and the game being littered with penalties, did not find himself on the ice much during even strength. He was frequently used as a first line penalty killer though. He showed a reasonable amount of energy and quickness in his play.

Game 2: USA Blue vs Team Finland

I wasn't sure what to expect from the second game and I was surprised upon reviewing the roster for Team Finland to find that over half the team is so young they haven't been drafted by the NHL yet. The lineups for this game were as follows:

USA Team Blue
Starting Anthony Stolarz
Backup Thatcher Demko
Left Right
Skjei DeAngelo
Butcher *** Carrick ***
Ausmus Ebert
Thompson Blujus
Left Wing Center Right Wing
Kerdiles O'Regan *** Barber ***
Matteau Toninato Erne
Lane Vail Hayden
Bailey Hinostroza Fasching

Team Finland
Starting Juuse Saros
Backup Joonas Korpisalo
Left Right
Maata Pokka
Vainonen Vainio
Saari Honka
Tikkinen Lethonen
Left Wing Center Right Wing
Lehkonen Teravainen Kapanen
Markkula Mustonen Juuso Ikonen
Nikko Nattinen Leskinen
Henri Ikonen Salminen Kulmala

The players highlighted with *** are the Washington Capitals prospects.

Since I found it difficult to track player's time on ice when there was one on each team as in the first game, I was somewhat relieved to see both of the Caps prospects on a single team. I made an effort to compute the TOI for both Caps prospects. If I have time to go through my notes, I may even be able to compute an estimate of their ES CorsiRel.

This game had a completely different feel to it compared to the White vs Sweden game earlier. There weren't any after whistle scrums (that I can remember). The play was fast paced and the penalties were much fewer. However, the game ended in what I like to call a Caps classic finale.

The first period began with relatively comparable pressure from both teams. The initial breakthrough occurred when Caps prospect Barber made a pass up the boards to team mate Butcher who then threaded a sweet pass cross ice through traffic to the other Caps prospect Carrick as he pinched from the point to get the opening goal. I have seen other summaries of the game that claim Barber made the cross ice pass but that isn't how I remembered it (but my aging memory is always a question).

Unfortunately, Team Finland answered less than two minutes later with a goal of their own by Teravainen from Lehkonen and Maata to tie it up. The remainder of the period was pretty even play on both sides and the shots at the end of the first were 7 for Finland and 6 for the USA.

The second period seemed to catch Team USA asleep as Finland pounced on them in the opening minute and kept pressure on them for the entire period. Finland's first goal of the period came when Leskinen, on a 1-1 breakaway, seemed to undress Butcher and score a goal (assists to Nikko and Vainonen). A few minutes later, Team USA took a holding penalty (first of the game) and Finland scored again (Lehkonen from Teravainen and Pokka). It was at this point that Team USA woke up. Suddenly the pressure was on Finland and Barber and Carrick played quite a role in turning things around. With just under 4 and a half minutes remaining, Team USA scored (O'Regan from Kerdiles and Barber).

After 2 periods, USA had 10 shots to Finland's 17 and Finland was winning 3-2.

At the very end of the 2nd period, Finland took a cross-checking penalty so the USA team started the third on the power play. They wasted no time and scored just 19 seconds into the period to tie the game up (O'Regan from Carrick and Demko). [It should be noted that Team USA switched goalies and I am not positive when it occurred].

For the next 4 minutes, Finland was making more shot attempts but Team USA was either blocking them or forcing them wide. Team USA took a slashing penalty which provided Finland a chance to gain control. However, Team USA met the challenge and even managed to get a 2-1 short-handed breakaway that the Finnish goalie stopped.

Once the sides were evened up, Barber began to show his stuff once again. With 12:46 remaining, Barber carried the puck down the left side, behind the net and made a spectacular pass from behind the net through the crease to a teammate. Unfortunately, Team Finland managed to stop the great scoring opportunity.

With about 11 minutes remaining, Team USA took another penalty (tripping) and this time Finland put on a passing display that would have confounded most NHL goalies. In a rapid set of passes around the perimeter, they put the USA goalie out of position and scored (Lehkonen from someone and someone [sorry, I didn't get the numbers]). At this point, I think the crowd was beginning to think Team USA was out of it but Team USA apparently didn't think so. The fourth line tied it up just 27 seconds later in a jam at the corner of the net (Fasching from Bailey).

Within the next 30 seconds, Barber showed his passing skills yet again and Team USA took the lead with a goal by DeAngelo (from Barber and Kerdiles). The next six and a half minutes showed Team USA trying to shutdown the Finnish offense and for the most part succeeding. Finland took a Too Many Men penalty with three minutes left and NOW the crowd seemed to believe that Team USA had the game wrapped up (little did they know that they were in for a Caps Classic). During the ensuing power play, Finland managed to control most of the play. I think at least half of the power play was played in the USA defensive zone. Finland even managed to ring a shot off the post. When the penalty was over and there was just 1 minute left in the game, Finland pulled their goalie. With just 10.6 seconds left, a shot from the point, blocked by someone on Team USA, bounced to Lehkonen who put it away and send the game into overtime.

Overtime here is just like the NHL. 4v4 for 5 minutes. Team USA then committed a penalty just 25 seconds into the overtime (Hand over the puck, I believe) and a mere 16 seconds later, Finland scores to win the game.

Final: Finland 6, Team Blue 5 (OT)

I measured Barber's TOI as being 12:46 (all ES, I think) and Carrick's TOI as 18:39 (vast majority of it ES).

Team USA seemed to look at its best whenever Barber's line was on the ice at the same time as Carrick and his partner. Barber is one of the impact players on either of the USA teams, in my opinion. Carrick seems to have a good sense as to when to pinch into the offense and when not to. I don't think I ever saw him pinch and get caught out of position. I look forward to seeing them play again. I just hope they get these Caps Classic games out of their systems before they put on a red, white, and blue jersey with a Capitals logo.

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