August 4-10 WJC (U20) Evaluation Camp in Lake Placid

General Information

USA Hockey's Main Site for the Camp with Roster, Schedule and other information can be found here.

Lake Placid Camp Dates: Main camp starts Sunday, practices & scrimmages held from August 4-10

Streaming (for a fee) information, ticket information, app via a news link on USAH site to follow the week & the scrimmages, see the news stories in the USA Hockey link posted above for additional information.

Eligible Players: Note, '93s are no longer eligible for WJC U20 tournament, players have to be born in '94 or more recently to be eligible for the Dec/Jan tournament. Every federation has different rules about the eligibility and attendance. Hockey Canada has had strict rules about attendance in the past at some of the WJC camps. Note, for Team USA players not at the camp can make the Dec/Jan WJC team (e.g., #Caps prospect Barber and Team USA last year) and being cut before mid-week by USA, while less than ideal, doesn't end the player's chances of making the actual roster.

Four of the ten countries participating in the Dec/Jan WJC (U20) tournament to be played in Malmo, Sweden are participating in the camp & scrimmages.

Six Washington Capitals Prospects on the Camp Rosters

Team Canada

Tom Wilson, RW (#12), 3/29/94

Team Finland


Team Sweden

Andre Burakovsky, C/W (#18)

Christian Djoos, D (#4), 8/6/94, on last year's silver medal team

Team USA

Riley Barber, RW (#19) (USA Team Blue), on last year's gold medal team

Connor Carrick, D (#9) (USA Team Blue)

Thomas Di Pauli, C (#18) (USA Team White)

Other Information about the Teams

As the title states, these are evaluation camps not final selection camps. As many know, players are evaluated leading up to final team determinations in December and some teams hold an additional camp in December, as well.

Team Canada: Two days of practices in Brossard, Quebec before traveling to Lake Placid. First day of practice in LP on August 6. Link to Hockey Canada WJC site with info.

Team Finland: I've read articles that indicate some practices in Finland this week and leave for LP on Friday. link to more information in Finnish

Team Sweden: Swedish Hockey Federation site with some additional information (in Swedish, of course.) From twitter and other information, sounds like they traveled to the US on 7/29. Regarding Djoos: According to Mike Vogel, Djoos didn't attend Caps development camp in July due to a knee injury, but as of now, including after recent official roster changes, he's still listed on the roster for this camp; also, another player on the roster (Arnesson) tweeted a photo from this week with a few players, including Djoos.

Team USA: Starts as a larger group of players split into two groups and after a few days, cuts down to one team for the remaining scrimmages.

Chris Peters pre-camp review of G and D, including Carrick, and forwards, including Barber & Di Pauli.

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