Ovechkin's 2012-13 goals (with Authentic Caveman Graphics!)

I wanted to review if and how Ovi was coming along this year in the goal-scoring department. Not just the tally, but how did he score, and when he did were teams just not used to him being on the right side? Was he getting more creative? Has he simply managed to get back to scoring from the same ole spots on the PP and down the wing we've come to know and love along with the rest of the league? Or could I actually see growth if I were to look at the story of his season as told via the goals he scored? So I went back and looked at every single goal he scored. This is maybe not something I'd want to do for Alzner or Neuvirth, but then their success and compensation is balanced in other ways.

Ovechkin's 2012-13 Regular Season Goal-Scoring


That red part? You could pretty much select (And feel free to do so below) any of those PP goals and the odds are good it will look much like you would imagine: Puck on the right, come meet Ovi in the left in the circle, slam bam, thank you Russian machine.

But that Green Line is what I really was interested in charting in relation to everything else. Even Strength scoring is the elixir of playoff vitality.

As I went along replaying/watching every goal, I marked whenever a goal was particularly strong to me. (I did also like the "bang-bang" nature of the PP goal vs the Jets in Game 30 as the Caps and Ovi began a winning/scoring streak).

The notes aren't highly important, but they tell more of a story as the season rolls on.

Hopefully the story continues in the same general direction next season.

(You must accept that you have to scroll to the right wing below if you hope to actually see the puck hit the twine)

x Factor Goal # Game # PPG ES Off-Faceoff Pos Notes Link
1 5 x left,2,65&event=WSH434&lang=en
2 7 x left,2,93&event=TOR246&lang=en
3 11 x left,2,145&event=PIT535&lang=en
4 12 x x right Goalie subseq pulled,2,162&event=WSH429&lang=en
5 13 x x left,2,182&event=FLA627&lang=en
6 17 x left,2,250&event=WSH221&lang=en
7 17 x right Stretch pass from Hendy. With Beagle,2,250&event=WSH470&lang=en
8 17 x left,2,250&event=WSH607&lang=en
9 22 x left,2,343&event=WSH245&lang=en
10 26 x left,2,393&event=CAR504&lang=en
11 28 x x right,2,420&event=WSH8&lang=en

12 29 x left,2,434&event=PIT232&lang=en

13 30 x left The Mr. Miyagi Special: "If do right, no can defend",2,448&event=WPG584&lang=en
14 31 x right Goalie subseq pulled,2,454&event=WPG367&lang=en
15 31 x left,2,454&event=WPG548&lang=en
*+ 16 32 x left Who's that racing to back-check? Bax refuses to let Ovi go left, entices him right with promise of a pass to RW, Mojo stops guessing L/R and heads to net, Bax' telegraphing sucks D/forces him to pass off to Oleksy, D loses corkscrewing crazy Ivan Ovi who gets a deflection. From the left. Oleksy an assist. Orlov gets a hug... Textbook.,2,467&event=NYR78&lang=en
17 34 x left massages puck/not std 1-timer,2,511&event=BUF211&lang=en
18 35 x left,2,521&event=PHI499&lang=en
19 36 x right Goalie subseq pulled,2,533&event=CAR49&lang=en
*+ 20 36 x slot/right 2-1 rush off Ovi deflection of CAR pass,2,533&event=CAR339&lang=en
n/a 37 lone shootout score
*+ 21 38 x crease/left rotates low for crease-timed snap,2,566&event=FLA96&lang=en
*+ 22 38 x right works the D,2,566&event=FLA364&lang=en
*+ 23 38 x crease/left rotates low for crease-timed snap,2,566&event=FLA395&lang=en
38 Caps allow 3 unanswered goals in 3rd but win 4-3 because it's FLA
*+ 24 39 x crease/right deflects shot from point,2,573&event=WSH232&lang=en
25 39 x right first empty net goal of season
39 Ovi shares goal-scoring lead for 1st time in season
*+ 26 40 x slot/right cuts behind 3 rushing caps/scores from high slot,2,585&event=MTL244&lang=en
*+ 27 42 x right outraces 3 TBL players for deflected stretch pass,2,614&event=WSH211&lang=en
28 43 x left,2,633&event=WSH410&lang=en
n/a OTT ends Caps 8 game win streak; Ovi has 4 shots
*+ 29 44 x left good initiative/movement,2,662&event=MTL68&lang=en
30 45 x left smooth slap/one-timer despite high receipt angle,2,662&event=MTL479&lang=en
31 46 x slot/right EN snap shot from a distance,2,682&event=WSH751&lang=en
31 Caps clinch SE Division
32 47 x right OTT D man screws up; Ovi makes him pay w/ loneCaps goal,2,695&event=WSH426&lang=en

I also originally kept the save percentages of the goalies, whether the Caps won or lost, home and away as well but the only trend I saw was the early season tendency of when Ovi scored a right side/ES goal, the goalie was having a bad enough night that he was later replaced (.762,.808,.800). Later in the season his ES goals came more against goaltenders with better save percentages(.951,.889,.919)

The marked "x Factor" goals seemed to really start accumulating later. Goals, marked or not, and scores in general are never taken for granted for any player. I was just curious for Ovechkin, of whom we've heard rumors of aging and predictability, if he was simply getting comfortable "back to his old self' or if there was clear evidence he is continuing to grow beyond people simply saying he is (or isn't). I formed my opinion based on what I saw, feel free to form your own. Stats are nifty sure, but at the end of the day, we see pucks are going in a lot more regularly at the end there, from the RW, and there are many more notes saying "hey, check this goal out." That gives me confidence in a certain foundation level of scoring and growth, versus in recent past years where my questions were "How often will he be left open to take his shot from the dot?" "How many D men will allow him to burn them to the goal?" And "Will Ovi ever learn/use a new move?"

I'm not seeing a "new move", but I am seeing him score in new ways, from the right side, at even strength.

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