Can Someone Explain Coincidental/Multiple Penalties Fully to Me?

I have been working on extracting team skater strength numbers (5v5, 5v4, 5v3, etc) from NHL statistics online. The only benefit of the MTL vs OTT playoff game the other night gave was to give me a perfect test case for the algorithm to extract such information from the NHL stats pages.

However, when I ran my algorithm, I found significant discrepancies with what actually happened (and, I think, I have discovered the NHL stats pages are contradictory).

What I am hoping for with this FanPost, is for someone more enlightened than myself to help explain the power play situations that occurred in the 3rd period of the game in question.

The NHL game summary sheet shows all of the penalties and can be seen here.

Nothing is unusual in the first two periods and even the mess at 7:04 is simplified into a single minor against WHITE (as shown below) that is cancelled 4 seconds later when OTT scores on the power play.

MTL Player PIM Penalty OTT Player PIM Penalty
WHITE 5 Fighting COWEN 5 Fighting
MOEN 5 Fighting NEIL 5 Fighting
BOUILLON 5 Fighting SMITH 5 Fighting
TINORDI 5 Fighting PHILLIPS 5 Fighting
ARMSTRONG 5 Fighting KASSIAN 5 Fighting
WHITE 2 Slashing - - -

The next incident occurs at 8:31. Once again, ignoring the misconduct penalties, we have the following penalty cancellations:

MTL Player PIM Penalty OTT Player PIM Penalty
SUBBAN 5 Fighting TURRIS 5 Fighting
SUBBAN 2 Instigator - - -
SUBBAN 2 Instigator - Face shield - - -
BORQUE 2 Elbowing CONACHER 2 Roughing
GORGES 2 Charging - - -

At this point, MTL has three new minor penalties (one of which is essentially a double minor to SUBBAN). Therefore, OTT should go on a 5v3 for 2 minutes followed by a 5v4 for another 2 minutes. What really confuses things, though, is MTL has yet another penalty just 12 seconds later (8:43 PRUST 2 for Roughing) while on the PK. NHL Rule 27.1 states

Delayed Penalty - If a third player of any team shall be penalized while two players of the same team are serving penalties, the penalty time of the third player shall not commence until the penalty time of one of the two players already penalized has elapsed. Nevertheless, the third player penalized must at once proceed to the penalty bench but may be replaced by a substitute until such time as the penalty time of the penalized player shall commence.

I interpret this to mean that PRUST's penalty time will not start until a goal is scored or at time 10:31 when both SUBBAN's first minor and GORGES minor have expired. The play-by-play then indicates that OTT has a 5v3 until 10:31 when, of all things, coincidental minor penalties are given out to PAGEAU and PLEKANEC for cross-checking.

At this point, I would have expected the coincidental minors to not go on the clock because they are coincidental while other penalties are occurring (which is apparently what happened). BUT, I would have expected SUBBAN's second minor AND PRUST's minor to start at 10:31 which would have given OTT another 2 minutes of 5v3. Instead, OTT had a 5v4 for the next two minutes?!?!

Can someone please explain this to me? It sure looks like SUBBAN's second minor or PRUST's penalty never resulted in a power play opportunity for Ottawa.

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