A Few Questions

Hi, guys. I'm new here to Japers Rink, however not new to SB Nation, as I'm an active member of Bullets Forever.

Anyways, sorry if a FanPost really is supposed to be a place to "bring up new ideas", etc., but I wanted to use this thread to actually ask a few questions that honestly Google hasn't been too helpful with.

Anyways, I've always known the sport of hockey, or the basics of it anyways, and have watched a few games here and there, but for the most part only the Stanley Cup Final. But over the past season, I've slowly fallen in love with the sport of hockey, and I became a Caps fan because that was (a) what's closest to home, (b) I listen to 106.7 the fan on my phone frequently and follow a lot of DC based sports personalities on twitter and know a lot of Caps fans, and (c) I just like the team and how they do things.

But I'm still learning the more advanced aspects of the game, and still have A LOT to learn. Obviously I know what the rules are for the most part, etc. But I have a hard time sometimes with some of the terms that are used and what kinds of offensive and defensive plays are implemented, etc. Google and Youtube have, to some extent been helpful to me, for instance the other day I looked up what a forecheck was on Youtube because the announcers used the term alot, and I learned from there. But it seems as if whenever I try to do this research, every source kind of expects you to know everything else about the game. Which would be fine, if I were from Canada and grew up with the sport like football, or have actually learned to play the game, but I haven't.

So I wanted to used Japers Rink, a place where I have lurked for a little while, for some help with my questions, as actual people listening to my questions would be more helpful to me than a source from google that expects me to know everything. I have just a few questions right now at this moment, but if I have any more, I'll come back to this fanpost and put it in the comments.

  • What is a slew foot? People have been going crazy about it after the game last night and I have no idea what they're talking about.
  • What is a corsi? I've seen you guys post the graphs on the recaps, etc., but they're incredibly confusing to understand.
  • What is the difference between a slap shot, snap shot, wristshot, etc.?
  • Is there an actual point to the two blue lines from a rules standpoint other than just to identify it as the "neutral zone", and what is the point of the blue paint in front of the net?
  • Why is it that some icings they decide to not call, or "wash out"?
  • What are the differences in the forechecks? I've learned what a forecheck is, but I'm not sure what a 1-2-2 or 1-2-1, etc.
  • Could someone explain some of the different types of offensive styles/plays that teams run? I've picked up that some teams just play differently but I have a hard time kind of understanding how the play differently, and what roles certain players have in that offense, etc.

Sorry if this is way too much to ask. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can about the game. I thoroughly enjoy the game and love the Caps, but am still learning....

Thank you guys so much!

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