Should Neuvirth be moved in the Off-Season?

While Neuvy is a competent and composed Goalkeeper, I wonder if the Caps could gain something by a bit of summer bartering. Neuvy's a Restricted Free Agent this summer and if he re-signs with Caps for a similar cap-hit he and Holtby would make a very cap friendly Goaltending Duo. On the other hand there might be a few NHL teams looking for a young goaltender to build their team around this summer and the Caps could score some complimentary pieces or decent draft picks in return.

The Caps could grab a veteran backstopper to play the back-up role in the free-agent market this summer, with some capable names (not outstanding mind you) such as: Dan Ellis, Ray Emery, Brian Boucher, Al Montoya, and wait for it... Brent Johnson.

Below are some teams I think might be interested in Neuvirth, and what the Caps might ask in return:

New Jersey

The Devils currently possess one of the oldest Goalkeeping tandems in Hockey, and it seems that it's only a matter of time before either Brodeur or Hedberg call it quits, and the Devils need a new keeper. Neuvirth could benefit from playing in the Devils defensive system and with Czech veteran Patrick Elias.

I can't see many players on the Devils current roster who the Devils would be willing to move or the Capitals would be interested in, the move would be for a pick and/or prospect.


The Flames seem to be constantly scrabbling for a playoff spot but never quite making it. Flames GM Feaster might finally pull the trigger on the rebuild this summer and move Kiprusoff. With Kipper potentially out and only with Joey MacDonald to contend with, Neuvirth could easily claim the net as his own.

While there are always rumors of Iggy being moved, I don't think the Caps are involved, if the Caps would want a roster player back I think they could go for Mikael Backlund. Backlund is an RFA himself, and would be an affordable complimentary scorer. He's only 23, he's got the size and strength to work the boards, as well as the technical ability to put some points on the board.


Minnesota spent a lot money in the Off-season and haven't got much to show for it, but it hasn't had anything to do with Goalkeeper Niklas Backstrom. However 35 year old Backstrom is going to be UFA this summer, and questions have arisen around Josh Harding since his diagnosis MS. The Wild might look for another keeper to eventually take over the reins from Backstrom.

The Wild will have hard time staying under the Salary cap next year with Heatley, Koivu, Parise, and Suter all taking up fairly big chunks of salary. They might look some affordable secondary scoring, which means they might have an interest in Matty P and Mojo who have cap friendly hits, with the Caps potentially getting Setoguchi in return. Though Caps might also have an interest in Cal Clutterback and Jonas Brodin.


Can Dubnyk be the number one Goalie they need? The Oilers might want another good keeper after the Bulin wall leaves this summer, Neuvy can be that guy.

I can see this be straight 2nd Round pick for Neuvy situation, the Oilers pick coming early in the draft order. However a more complicated trade could be on the books with Smid and Whitney both being UFA's this summer, the Oilers could ask for a D-man. If thats the case I'd like to see the Caps ask for Linus Omark's rights as he's tearing up the Suisse League right now (69 pts in 48 games), and Schultz going the other way (cos honestly who doesn't want three d-man named Schultz on their team?)

Thanks for the read, and let me know what you think.

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