Capitals-Flyers Postgame Quote Sheet

Via the Caps, post-game quotes following their 3-2 win over Philly:

Washington Capitals head coach Adam Oates on Alex Ovechkin...

"I thought it was the best game he's played this year, quite honestly. He was involved in the whole game. I thought he had a lot of opportunities."

Washington Capitals head coach Adam Oates on the Capitals power play tonight...

"You've got to give [the Philadelphia Flyers] credit. They're a good [penalty killing] team. Maybe we didn't win enough battles. I think face offs hurt us; that makes a big difference."

Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green on what was different tonight...

"We created a lot of turnovers and got a lot of shots - quality chances rather than just puck possession."

Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom on the importance of tonight's win...

"It was really big. We had a tough road trip. We played well against Ottawa and we had a lead there in the third period - same thing in Toronto. So, we really needed this one. Especially in the position that we are in, we need the points."

Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom on the play of his line...

"I think our line played a little bit better. We passed the puck a little bit better and we created more chances too. That's what we have to do. That's the way we have to play and keep doing it every night."

Washington Capitals forward Wojtek Wolski on the successes of the Capitals tonight...

"We did really well in the neutral zone. I think the last couple of games in the third period we seemed to break down and get away from what we want to be doing in the neutral zone. I think tonight we really stuck together and reminded each other to stay wide. We did that really well, we got a lot of turnovers and pucks going the other way."

Philadelphia Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette on what went wrong in the third period...

"It's turnovers, but we need to compete better as well."

Philadelphia Flyers forward Mike Knuble on how the Flyers didn't get off to a good start tonight...

"You have a team that played last night and I don't think we did a good job asserting ourselves in the first ten minutes to dictate the game. We let [the Capitals] gain some life in the first ten [minutes] there. They played last night so we were trying to see what kind of game it was, if they were going to roll over or if [the Caps] had a chance to play. I think it's up to us to have a better start to assert our game and let them know that we're going to be rolling."

Philadelphia Flyers on forward Mike Knuble on playing with ten forwards for the majority of the game...

"You're involved in the game, you don't worry about that, you just play and things happen. Guys are used to playing with guys and without guys and you just have to power your way through."

Philadelphia Flyers on forward Brayden Schenn on the team falling short in the third period...

"Obviously frustrating for a little bit now - we just weren't good enough [tonight] especially in the third period where it was 1-1. You have to learn how to win those hockey games and to give up two [goals], it's obviously not what we were looking for. We did get a late one there but I still don't think we were good as a team tonight."

Philadelphia Flyers on Brayden Schenn on the team not coming out strong and not finishing as well...

[The Capitals] obviously had a strong third period. We didn't have enough jump right from the get-go. When you play a team that played the night before and gets in late, that's when you have to jump on them early and our start wasn't good enough, our third period wasn't good enough."

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