A proposal for a new Caps Fan Tradition.

Everyone who visits this site is fully aware of how awesome we are as a fan-base in coming out to games, Rocking the Red, and making the game-day experience in Verizon Center superb in terms of crowd engagement and noise. Now if we're going to be a great and vibrant fan-base, why not strive to be best am I right? So while we are already strong in terms of showing up, being loud, being engaged with the action, and have a few generic staple cheers we sport routinely, I feel like we could do a little more in terms of being a truly unique and recognized fan-base. I feel like we need more signature Cap traditions.

Yeah we have the Whooping, but that chant has been frowned upon the way it's been used recently, and it's not a chant that comes up frequently across many games. Yeah we have the "RED" and a little bit of the "O" during the anthem, but one of those was copped from Orioles fans, and while the Red is unique to the Caps fan-base it's not an in-game chant that will be heard across TVs in North America. Yeah we have "Let's go Caps!", and don't get me wrong a fantastic tried and true staple, but it is just a generic chant. Yeah we have the "1, 2, 3...[up to how many goals you let in] ALL YOUR FAULT!" which is a great start, but not that many people do it yet.

The Cubs have the 7th inning stretch. The Canadiens have the Ole chant. The Madhouse has the best anthem singing ceremony known to sports. The Raiders have the Black Hole. The Browns have the Dog Pound. The Redskins have Hail to the Redskins. Liverpool has the You'll Never Walk Alone song. You get the idea. I think it's time we got ours. I think it's time we have that something that makes us the Capitals fan-base. I think we should have the Hey Jude Goal Song.

Now what is the Hey Jude Goal Song you ask? Simple. After a Caps player has scored a goal, after we've erupted in joyous celebration over said goal, after the PA announcer comes on and notifies us of the who, what, and when, after we've stood up and yelled "1, 2, 3...ALL YOUR FAULT!" we do not sit down. We all stay standing, we all throw our hands skyward, and we all, in unison, break into this little song:


For those of you who don't know, this is the chorus to the classic song "Hey Jude" by the Beatles. If you don't know who the Beatles are or never heard "Hey Jude", or both, you should really google/youtube/etc all of it. You're really missing out. The way we turn it into a sports chant is we replace the "heeey juuude" lyric with the first name or two syllable nickname of the Caps player who just scored. So let's say Ovechkin just scored, likely occurrence, then we'd sing this exact lyric:


Now I'm not going to lie to you, people of Caps fandom, I did not come up with this myself. This will be a partially borrowed idea, but we will make it our own. For those of you who are familiar with the sport of soccer, you are well aware that soccer fan-bases on the whole are the most rowdy, vibrant, filled with unique chants, and generally awesome. Bald Pollack knows what I'm talking about. People who follow DC United as well as the Capitals, or people who follow any kind of global professional soccer know what I'm talking about. So I thought we could borrow a chant done by the fans of an English Premier League team called Arsenal. They have this one guy on their team named Olivier Giroud. He is French and he scores a good amount of goals for them. So whenever this guy scores the Arsenal fans in attendance instantly break out into that "Hey Jude" chorus above and replace the "heeey Juuude" with "Giiiroooud", which works smashingly because when stretched out the last name Giroud sounds like a pun on "hey Jude". So how we would make this song ours is by being the first North American professional sports team fan-base to have this song, and we will sing it for all our players, not just the ones with pun-able names. Conceivably we'd have to make up/consensus-wise agree upon nicknames for some players, but it's really not that hard. Backstrom becomes "Niiickyyy", Green becomes "Miiikeeey", Holtby (IT WILL HAPPEN SOME DAY!!!) becomes "Braaadeeen", etc.

So now you're sitting there, and I bet you're thinking, " if this Arsenal fan-base is already doing this thing, shouldn't there be video of it somewhere?" By golly, you're onto something, and I've already done the legwork for you, so enjoy a taste of the Hey Jude Goal Song:

Na Na Na Nananana Giroud (North London Derby 2013) (via Arsenal Germany)

So what do you guys think? Personally, that gives me chills every time I watch it, so if we could adopt that, and sing it in full throat-ed force after every goal at the Verizon Center I think that'll put every other fan-base on notice, and give us a really unique and signature chant that will never fail to get old. For the number of times this chant should be sung I think it'd be easier if instead of a set number we just have a set time period during which we sing. Therefore, I think that we should sing from puck drop of the center-ice face-off immediately after the goal until puck drop of the next face-off after the next stoppage in play. After that second puck drop we finally sit down, and wait for the next goal to be scored.

Okay, now only one final matter remains: implementation. Obviously, everyone who is in favor of this chant should actually go the games and participate in it. On top of that we will need the word to be spread to any other friends or family who go to Caps games regularly, and/or know people who do. Furthermore, we will need to chat up random people we sit next to in the Verizon Center, and let them know about the new chant that's going around and get them in on it.

We definitely won't be able to get out the word, or really have people see this right away in time for the next home game, so I propose that we wait a few games before we try to debut the chant, partially out of hope that this post will get promoted, picked up elsewhere, goes viral, etc so the first run through will be raucous, partially because that's the start of a three game home stand which will allow us a few games back to back to get the chant off the ground, and partially because that's the first game I'll be able to go to once I'm home from college. Selfish I know, so sue me. Thus, I think anyone who sees and goes to the Caps game against the Devils on Saturday December 21st should be prepared to sing their ass off after every goal our boys score.

So how bout it my fellow Caps fans? Are you with me?

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