CBA Information: Other Details Being Reported About New 'Draft' CBA

Hey there, ok, it is time to start learning some new rules with a new 'draft' CBA. Haven't been on here in a long time, so hopefully, this fanpost isn't too messed up in terms of formatting. I will edit as necessary, but here we go...

Obviously, the new CBA isn't written in full and certainly hasn't been ratified by the Board of Governors (hopefully Wed.) and the NHLPA (hopefully soon after,) but a draft copy of at least some of the rules has been sent to some parties, and a memo was sent to the 30 teams with some of the big issues addressed.

So here's what we know, all is obviously subject to clarification/modification when the official document is approved, and hopefully published.

For the high level information & 'big stuff' about the cap, amnesty buyouts, defined benefit pension, minimum NHL salary, etc., see these pieces:

Still waiting for more information on waivers, ELCs, etc., but here are some other tidbits posted by various people (source noted.) Schedule & Key schedule dates still TBD.

Cap Max/Min & Cap Hits:

  • Performance bonus cushion of 7.5% will remain but it will no longer be counted to help clubs get to the floor or minimum salary! @brianlawton9
  • Performance bonus cushion of 7.5%, even in last year of CBA (paraphrased from Mirtle tweet on 1/8)
  • ... will see the upper limit increase after March 1 for all you @capgeek out there by 10% for tagging purposes... @brianlawton9
  • Salary Cap: It will be 15% above the midpoint, to a minimum of $8-million and maximum of $14-million. @mirtle
  • An important point on variance: It will mainly only apply to frontloaded deals. Backloaded contracts will essentially use previous CBA rules @mirtle
  • Friedman on cap benefit recapture: Friedman link
  • The minimum salary plus $375K rule where can play in minors rule without cap hit; Mirtle clarifies, as expected, for the >than this amount contracts the new rule where cap hit for the portion above applies for assignments to Europe (see Huet type assignment), as well as to AHL

Trades & The Cap:

  • Teams will be able to retain salary/cap hit in a trade. This will be a very complex and carefully worded portion of new CBA I'm sure. Keeping salary in trades: Teams can have up to three contracts at one time that they are retaining the salary of. The max teams can keep is 15% of the salary cap. Only 50% of a deal can be kept. A contract can have salary retained in a trade only twice. @mirtle (3 tweets consolidated.) LeBrun has now reported on this trading salary/cap space modification, too, in this blog.

Player Money:

  • So-called Make Whole deferred payment of $300M to the players is payable in $100M instalments in Years 2, 3 and 4. @TSNBobMcKenzie
  • Players' playoff pool $ go from $6.5M last yr to $13M in each of next 2 yrs, $14M for 2 yrs, $15M for 2 yrs, $16M for 2 yrs and $17M for 2. @TSNBobMcKenzie

Player Movement:

  • Biggest winner in new CBA probably depth guys. No re-entry waivers = can sign for up to $900k with no cap or waiver issues...up from $105k! multiple sources including @BBarts (agent) (NOTE: I can't find any confirmation that this comment about no waiver issues on the way down if contract is less than 900K is accurate; all other reports I have seen are that AHL GMs are still waiting on clarification of waiver rules for assigning players to the minors; also, note that the old waiver rules on the way down had nothing to do with the player salary)
  • Players can now be loaned with consent after the trade deadline. Past couldn't do it even if a player wanted 2 @brianlawton9 (seeking clarification on how this would work: NHL/AHL CDR, etc.?)
  • LTIR: "From what I understand, Long-Term Injury Reserve still exists." Friedman
  • Waivers: Waiver period is going to make a minor change to 24 hrs any day of the week including Sunday. This has a history of being a problem for club @brianlawton9
  • NMCs/NTCs: "Players will also now be able to receive no movement or no trade clauses that come into effect immediately when they sign a contract extension, not when the new deal begins" (hoping to clarify this is still for UFA seasons or any season) Mirtle article


  • As LeBrun reports: "the NHL has instituted a free-agency interview period prior to the actual signing period. UFAs will be able to meet and interview with potential clubs from the day after the NHL draft until June 30, prior to the July 1 opening of free agency."


  • Any #NHL player not on entry level contract will now have own room on the road. Used to be 600 games played in league @andystrickland

And Finally:

  • CBA is 10 yrs with mutual 8 yr opt-out but NHL has 1st option to terminate, no later than Sept. 1, 2019. NHLPA 2nd option, Sept. 15, 2019. @TSNBobMcKenzie

Will add to this post, as appropriate as more information is leaked, published, etc.

If this FanPost is written by someone other than one of the blog's editors, the opinions expressed in it do not necessarily reflect those of this blog or SB Nation.

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