The Effect of Ticketless tickets on the secondary market

I wanted to know what other STH holders think about the Caps move this year to go completely ticketless. For those who don't know, the caps didn't mail hard tickets this year. Everything is paperless and managed online. Tickets can be printed out for free from their ticket management page, as well as emailed for free. In the past this cost 2 dollars a ticket.

The positives:

  • No more tickets to lose and friends don't have to come pick up hard tickets from me anymore.
  • The caps have decreased the fees to resell tickets on their tix exchange site

The negatives:

  • This has the ability to destroy the market outside of the arena (which may be the goal). Since all the tickets could be printed out multiple times, or just merely copied on a copy machine it will be dam hard to know that the tickets you are buying outside are legit / haven't already been used. This could also make it hard for STH to sell their tickets if something happens the last minute (a friend cancelling etc).
  • A similar problem could exist with stubhub, although its less likely. I don't think stubhub has the ability to cancel old barcodes like Tix Exchange change. Stubhub is also has other safeguards in place.
  • Hard Tickets make for nice mementos (although this one is really minor).

A suggestion to fans who buy on craigslist from STH. When you pay for your tickets, make sure to have the person email you the tickets via the Caps official page, not just from their personal email. The main reason is this erases the old barcode and creates a new one that only the new purchaser has. This removes the ability for them to either sell the same tickets to someone else, sell them via ticket exchange etc. Even if they do engage in something dishonest (which have severe repercussion on your STH account), your ticket will be the working version.

What are other fans thoughts on the new system?

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