Tuesday Caps Clips

Greg Fiume - Getty Images

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes with links to notes on the labor situation, offseason moves, and more.

Your savory breakfast links:

● Today in always-cheery happy fun times lockout news:

If you missed it over the weekend, Red Wings exec Jim Devellano put his foot in his mouth referred to the players as cattle on the owners' ranches. Jeff Halpern: not impressed. [CSNW]

○ Meanwhile, Mike Ribeiro is trying to be optimistic that the season, or at least part of it, can still happen. From your mouth, Ribs... [WaPo, CSNW]

○ One of the NHL's proposals was to extend entry-level deals from three to five years... but could that result in more Europeans just staying home? [Spector's Hockey]

○ An oft-overlooked consequence of the lockout is the impact it will have on the businesses around hockey arenas. [NBCW]

○ For the owners, it's not about the fans, it's about consumers - and they're usually not the same thing. [BHS]

○ Why the relative career length and earning potential of the average NHLer make the NHLPA an inherently weak body in these negotiations. [BHS]

○ Since the NHL and NHLPA seem incapable of playing nice long enough to hammer out a deal, James Mirtle's got the solution. Hint: it starts with "c" and rhymes with "pompromise". [Globe and Mail]

○ Deadspin attempts to explain the NHL lockout to the non-hockey fan. [Deadspin]

○ "Leave... Gary... Bettman... alone!!" *sobs* [THN]

● A couple of ex-Caps make the cut on this list of the summer's best offseason signings. [ESPN ($)]

● Bigger exercise in futility: getting annoyed that ESPN only ranked the Caps 14th in this week's NHL power rankings... or putting together power rankings at all? [ESPN]

● Assorted alumni goodies:

○ A look back at the undrafted dynamo Dino Ciccarelli. [Caps365]

○ Chatting with Caps' Assistant GM and Director of Player Personnel Brian MacLellan. [LA Kings]

Phil Housley will take a break from preparing for the World Juniors to step behind the bench at this weekend's All-American Prospects Game. [NHL.com]

● Using NHL13's player ratings to analyze the Southeast Division's investment in free agency. [Sick Unbelievable]

● Happy 35th birthday to everyone's favorite first-round bust, Alexandre Volchkov.

● And finally, a big shout-out to the fine folks at SB Nation for all of their hard work in putting together our snazzy new site. Now if only there was hockey to cover...

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