Wednesday Caps Clips

Fade to black... the players are headed overseas. (Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE)

Your savory breakfast links:

● Pretty exciting to think that the guy viewed as the third-best playmaker in NHL history will soon be behind the bench, working with the next generation. [Caps]

● While the Caps' core is pretty much locked up, Director of Player Development Steve Richmond and his crew are already on the lookout for the future. [Dump 'n Chase]

● The Caps are contenders, so long as they can overcome a shoddy defensive corps headlined by unproven duo John Carlson and Karl Alzner. Wait... what? [Sportsnet]

● Speaking of Caps defenders, here's a look ahead to the upcoming season (ha) for two of them. [Peerless, Peerless]

● His first year in the bigs has left John Walton with a pretty cool piece of art. Here's hoping the 2012-13 version is almost as big. [Capitals Voice]

● Of course the real news of the day (and likely many days ahead) is the lockout, as Day 3 has now come and gone with, wait for it, absolutely no movement by either side. My shocked face, let me show you it. [FoxSports]

● With no agreement in place, the League is likely going to be pulling the plug on various preseason games and other related activities... [SLAM! Sports]

● ...which means you can add the Caps-Flyers rookie game - and most likely the Caps' exhibition game in Baltimore - to the growing list of lockout casualties. [WaPo, Baltimore Business Journal]

● Speaking of casualties, some teams have already begun laying off employees and mascots alike. Thankfully Caps' employees are safe for the duration. [WashTimes]

● Just how long this silliness lasts could become a bit more clear by next week... and yet another lost season isn't out of the realm of possibility. [Globe and Mail, SLAM! Sports]

● More assorted lockout goodies for those of you who just can't get enough uplifting reading material. [National Post (and again), Puck Daddy (and again), Forbes]

● The players may be locked out, but darn it, they're going to skate. And make Marcus Johansson purchase armfuls of Gatorade from the vending machine. [WaPo, CSNW (and again), NBCW]

● The exodus to Europe begins:

Michal Neuvirth became the first domino to fall, signing a contract with his hometown team of Sparta Praha [CSNW]

○ Despite reports that he may go rogue (and protestations from Dynamo's front office), Alex Ovechkin will reportedly sign a deal with his alma mater. [WaPo, RT, Alex Ovetjkin, RMNB, SLAM!, ESPN, Rant Sports]

○ Related, Ovechkin will still stand to lose a bit of cash during the lockout despite his pending KHL deal. Gee, $109,756 here, $109,756 there... pretty soon it starts to add up to real money! [Mtl Gazette]

Nicklas Backstrom is staying here for now but is weighing his options for a potential return to Sweden. [WashTimes, CSNW]

● Of course, said contracts won't be without their difficulties - not that anything involving the KHL really is. [Caps Across the Pond, CSNW]

● An interesting look at how the KHL's predecessor benefitted the last time the NHL and NHLPA had a slap fight. [Slap Shot]

Braden Holtby returns to Hershey, a reminder that the AHL is also a potential benefactor of the lockout... or are they? [Patriot News (and again), Yahoo!, WashTimes, CBSSports]

● Finally, happy 51st birthday to Don Beaupre. [Capitals Outsider]

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