Wednesday Caps Clips

14 Nov 2000: Adam Oats #77 of the Washington Capitals looks on during the game against the Phoenix Coyotes at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C. The Coyotes tied the Capitals 2-2.Mandatory Credit: Doug Pensinger /Allsport

Your savory breakfast links:

● As you might have heard, Adam Oates is the Caps' new head coach... [Japers' Rink, Dump 'n Chase, Ted's Take, WaPo (and again), WashTimes, CSNW (and again), DCEx, 106.7 The Fan, ESPN, Puck Daddy, PHT (and again), Backhand Shelf, Fire & Ice (and again), NBC4 Washington, SB Nation DC, Mr. I (and again), RMNB, RtR, Puck 'N Hockey, DSP, Nosebleeds, Puckhead, OFB, Caps 101]

● ... much to the delight of The Captain... [CP, WaPo, WashTimes, CSNW, RMNB]

● ... a former captain and teammate... [WaPo]

● ... the Caps' all-time leading goal-scorer... [CSNW]

● ... the greatest goalie in team history... [DCEx]

● ... and anyone who was hoping for "a great balance between Bruce and Dale..." [CSNW]

● ... because the natives are restless. [DSP]

● Oates was also elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame yesterday. (Not a bad Tuesday, eh?) [Japers' Rink, Dump 'n Chase, Ted's Take,, WaPo, WashTimes, CSNW, Puck Daddy, Backhand Shelf, NBC4 Washington, Greatest Hockey Legends]

● Firing up the Wayback Machine for a look at the new boss. [Capitals, DC Sports Bog (and again and again and again), NBC4 Washington, SB Nation DC, Caps Outsider, RMNB]

● The day in year-end reviews:

Joe B. and Locker (sure, why not?) ... [RMNB]

○ ... and Tomas Vokoun. (Tomas Vok-who-n? Zing!) [CSNW]

Alex Ovechkin is D.C.'s "Worst Local Athlete," according to readers who are clearly D.C.'s "Worst Local Talent Evaluators." [DC Sports Bog]

Mike Ribeiro leftovers are still trickling in. [HomerMcFanboy]

● The 30,000-foot view of the upcoming free agency period (with a couple of Caps nuggets)... []

● ... and a Caps wishlist. [RtR]

Michal Neuvirth and Mike Vogel chat. [Capitals Overtime (video)]

● Ovi's ladyfriend chimes in from the All England Club (or thereabouts) on her beau's tennis game and getting plastered. [Alex Ovetjkin]

● The Caps have done well drafting European goalies of late; is Sergei Kostenko their next noteworthy find? [RtR]

● Finally, happy 28th birthday to D.J. King.

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