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BOSTON, MA - APRIL 21: Troy Brouwer #20 of the Washington Capitals celebrates his game winning powerplay goal at 18:33 against Tim Thomas #30 of the Boston Bruins in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at TD Garden on April 21, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Capitals defeated the Bruins 4-3. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

26 - Number of trades George McPhee has made in the month of June, per Pro Sports Transactions. Here are all 26:

Date Acquired Relinquished Notes
6/27/1998 two 1998 fourth round picks (#106-Krys Barch) (#107-Chris Corrinet), 1998 fifth round pick (#118-Mike Siklenka) 1998 third round pick (#79-Evgeny Lazarev / Yevgeny Lazarev) trade with Avalanche
6/21/1999 rights to Jeff Nelson future considerations (cash (LOH)) trade with Predators
6/26/1999 1999 ninth round pick (#249-Igor Shadilov) 2000 seventh round pick (#225-Vladislav Luchkin) trade with Blackhawks
6/1/2000 rights to Stephen Peat 2000 fourth round pick (#124-Michel Ouellet) trade with Mighty Ducks
6/24/2000 2000 second round pick (#43-Matt Pettinger) Miika Elomo, 2000 fourth round pick (#116-Levente Szuper) trade with Flames
6/25/2000 2001 eighth round pick (#249-Matthew Maglione) 2000 eighth round pick (#256-Pasi Saarinen) trade with Sharks
6/25/2000 2000 fifth round pick (#151-Alexander Barkunov) two 2000 seventh round picks (#201-Evgeny Fedorov / Yevgeny Fedorov) (#206-Tim Eriksson) trade with Kings
6/25/2000 2000 fourth round pick (#121-Ryan Van Buskirk) 2000 fifth round pick (#151-Alexander Barkunov), 2000 sixth round pick (#193-Joey Martin) trade with Blackhawks
6/23/2001 2002 second round pick (#55-Denis Grot) 2001 second round pick (#61-Andreas Holmqvist) trade with Lightning
6/12/2002 2002 first round pick (#13-Alexander Semin) 2002 first round pick (#26-Martin Vagner), 2002 second round pick (#42-Marius Holtet), 2003 sixth round pick (#185-Francis Wathier) trade with Stars
6/22/2002 Petr Sykora (b) 2003 conditional third round pick (#89-Paul Brown) trade with Predators
6/1/2003 2003 fourth round pick (#109-Andreas Valdix) 2003 fourth round pick (#123-Dany Stewart), 2003 seventh round pick (#217-Oskari Korpikari) trade with Canadiens
6/20/2003 2003 ninth round pick (#279-Mark Olafson) 2004 ninth round pick (#263-Travis Morin) trade with Senators
6/30/2003 Dmitry Yushkevich 2004 seventh round pick (?-?) trade with Flyers
6/26/2004 2004 third round pick (#88-Clayton Barthel) 2005 third round pick (#75-Perttu Lindgren) trade with Stars
6/24/2006 2007 fourth round pick (#108-Brett Bruneteau) 2006 fifth round pick (#137-Tomas Zaborsky) trade with Rangers
6/22/2007 2007 second round pick (#41-Kevin Marshall), 2008 second round pick (#57-Eric Mestery) 2007 first round pick (#28-Nick Petrecki) trade with Sharks
6/23/2007 2007 sixth round pick (#154-Dan Dunn), 2008 fourth round pick (#93-Braden Holtby) 2007 fourth round pick (#95-Alec Martinez) trade with Kings
6/23/2007 2007 third round pick (#84-Phil Desimone), 2008 second round pick (#58-Dmitri Kugryshev / Dmitry Kugryshev) 2007 second round pick (#41-Kevin Marshall) trade with Flyers
6/20/2008 2008 first round pick (#21-Anton Gustafsson) 2008 first round pick (#23-Tyler Cuma), 2008 second round pick (#54-Patrice Cormier) trade with Devils
6/20/2008 2008 first round pick (#27-John Carlson) Steve Eminger, 2008 third round pick (#84-Jacob DeSerres) trade with Flyers
6/27/2009 2010 fifth round pick (#142-Caleb Herbert) Sami Lepisto trade with Coyotes
6/26/2010 2010 fourth round pick #112-Philipp Grubauer) 2010 fourth round pick (#116-Petter Granberg), 2010 fifth round pick (#146-Daniel Brodin) trade with Maple Leafs
6/2/2011 Taylor Stefishen 2013 conditional seventh round pick (if Stefishen appears on the Capitals reserve list as a signed NHL contracted player for 1 day or more during the 2011-12 or 2012-13 league years) (?-?) trade with Predators
6/24/2011 Troy Brouwer 2011 first round pick (#26-Phillip Danault) trade with Blackhawks
6/4/2012 2012 seventh round pick (?-?) Tomas Vokoun trade with Penguins

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