Get to Know a Bruin: Dennis Seidenberg

[Ed. note: As part of the build-up to the first round playoff series between the Capitals and the Bruins, Japers' Rink will be looking at some of the important but perhaps lesser-known players on the Bruins and how they might impact the series.]


Dennis Seidenberg

#44 / Defenseman/ Boston Bruins



Jul 18, 1981

Birthplace: Schwenningen, West Germany

Drafted: 172nd overall, 2001 by Philadelphia

Assets Is adept at logging big minutes and is a sound defender. Moves the puck quickly and efficiently out of the defensive zone. Knows when to pinch in from the point and can play the point with the man advantage.
Flaws Used to really lack a physical element to his defensive game, which limited his overall effectiveness to some extent, but he's improved in this area. Doesn't have a high-end offensive game.
Career Potential Mobile big-minute defenseman. (Assets, Flaws and Career Potential via SB Nation player page)

2002-03 (Philadelphia) 58 4 9 13 8 20 1 2 0 123 3.3 16:50
2003-04 (Philadelphia) 5 0 0 0 -4 2 0 0 0 14 0 17:20
2005-06 (PHI/Phoenix) 53 3 15 18 -13 18 2 7 0 83 3.6 16:59
2006-07 (PHX/CAR) 52 2 6 8 -16 18 0 0 0 83 2.4 16:10
2007-08 (Carolina) 47 0 15 15 6 18 0 7 0 80 0 18:50
2008-09 (Carolina) 70 5 25 30 -9 37 2 9 1 129 3.9 22:20
2009-10 (Florida/BOS) 79 4 28 32 -6 39 2 7 1 153 2.6 22:55
2010-11 (Boston) 81 7 25 32 3 41 1 10 2 166 4.2 23:33
2011-12 (Boston) 80 5 18 23 15 39 0 8 2 174 2.9 24:02

2003-04 (Philadelphia) 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0.0 7:36
2008-09 (Carolina) 16 1 5 6 -5 16 0 0 0 18 5.6 22:25
2010-11 (Boston) 25 4 8 12 6 17 0 2 0 42 9.5 16:11

Why you should know who he is - Seidenberg is the second most important D on the Boston Bruins. He's second only to Zdeno Chara in even strength TOI/G, short handed TOI/G, and power play TOI/G. He also plays the third toughest competition of Bruins D (behind Chara and Johnny Boychuk). Over the course of the season, Seidenberg has spent most of his time with Joe Corvo, but over the last ten games he's been moved to the top pair with Chara. That means he'll be facing plenty of time against either the first or the second line for the Washington Capitals. With secondary scoring being such an important part of the playoffs, the Caps will need to win the match-up against Seidenberg, in all phases but especially at even strength, if they are going to have a successful series. He's never been the flashiest guy but as his ATOI progression shows, he's got a well-rounded game that has secured the trust of his coaches in 3 organizations over the last few years.

How the Caps can stop him - Seidenberg is not, and has never been, a one-man wrecking crew. He's not a guy that you have to key on to stop him from doing his thing, per se. The Caps simply need to out-work him, and his linemates, to maintain possession in the Boston zone. Seidenberg isn't going to go end-to-end, but he's got enough offensive acumen to take advantage of it. It's cliche, but when Seidenberg is on the ice the Caps need to keep things simple and work hard. If Seidenberg plays second pair with Corvo (oh please yes), or any of the other Boston D, the Caps will want to attack the off-side D and put the pressure on the weaker partner. If Seidenberg stays on the top pair, as seems likely, the Caps will need to attack Seidenberg and keep the play as far from Chara as is possible. Either way, beating Seidenberg is going to be one of the keys to the series for the Caps offense.

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