The Deadline.....

I have been a Capitals fan for over 25 years.. I don't go to many games anymore, but I do watch or listen to every caps game and consider them my team. I along with everyone else is frustrated with their play and lack there of.. If there is any hope to salvage the season the time is now. Why are we waiting until 3:00 on Monday when the ship is sinking now? Before I give my opinion as to who I would like .. I think some things should be addressed.

I grew up watching Dale Hunter, and except for the hit on Peirre Turgeon I was always inspired by how emotionally he played the game. I was excited to hear he was hired to coach the caps. BUT.. I have yet to see any emotion from him except the look that he doesn't want to be here from behind the bench. I think the fans would behind him and the caps more during the game if he showed some kind of emotion. Fire creates fire.. not silence.

Our Captain,.. I loved Ovi when he came up, and through his first couple of years.. I have never scene to this day anyone go to the net harder without letting up.. It scared the first season that he would get himself killed. But he kept getting up and coming back for more. He loved playing the game and brought this town back to the center of what it is.. Sold out games every night. That being said, he stopped producing when he was given the "C" It is too much pressure for him. He still has trouble communicating in our language. I know he speaks better English than I do Russian, but he needs to be able to lead this team in the dressing room, not just be example on the ice. I think the rest of players are afraid to take over the lead, because it's not their job. I would give the "C" to Brouwer, or bring in someone who has won a cup. I think with less pressure to lead, Ovi can go play. He flourished when we played run and gun, not so much in a defensive shell. Let him play..

Okay.. what to do about the Deadline.

Carter is gone.. I would have like to see him here. But it's too late.

Hemsky, Riberio, Kostitsyn, Hejduk, Whitney, Ott,

people who can be moved..

Semin, but we need help to replace him

Vokoun, - bring up Holtby, give Neve the start for now..





and possible picks..

But not Kunetsov...!!! He will replace Semin...and I look forward to him coming here. Will be watching the game tonight as with everyone else.. I just wish they would do something smart and not wait. We know Backstrom isnt coming back until the playoffs if we make it.. put him on IR.. and roll the dice..


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