Tuesday Caps Clips: Mano a Mano

Jamie Sabau

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: more on Ovi's renewed interest in the NHL, the owners and players ready to meet, teams rev up for the World Juniors and more.

Your savory breakfast links:

  • As we noted here yesterday (and as expertly translated by our pal TJ at Alex Ovetjkin), the news of the day - such as it is - is that Alex Ovechkin wants to come home to DC. Aww, we miss you too, buddy. [SBN, CSNW, CBS, Puck Daddy, PHT, NBCW, Nosebleeds]
  • Of course the other news of the day is a little meeting happening this afternoon, as six owners and six (or more) players prepare to go head-to-head at the negotiating table for the first time without their mouthpieces present. So... we're all Sidney Crosby fans today? [ESPN, SB Nation DC, TribLive, SI.com, Sabres Edge, Peerless]
  • But wait - is a deal already done? [Puck Daddy]
  • The lockout is robbing us of our fan community, our desire to talk and debate and bond with other equally nutty fans - and as contributors to a site meant to foster that connectivity, that ain't nothing. [Puck Daddy]
  • Decertification = bad, desperate, confusing, slightly scary, a little nauseating and probably bad for the environment. And puppies. [ESPN, ESPN($)]
  • Tom Boswell: "I fear for the future of the NHL if they lose this season." Ruh-roh. [WaPo]
  • What's the plan, Stan? Er...Don? [Edm. Journal]
  • Prospect news galore, as teams start narrowing down their rosters for the upcoming World Juniors:
  • Tales from Chocolatetown:
    • Hershey may have dropped their annual Teddy Bear Toss game over the weekend, but they're still 3-1 in their last four. Positivity!! [HBH]
    • If you're in the area and/or can't make it to the game Thursday night, the Bears will be practicing at Kettler Thursday morning at 10. [@ScottStuccio]
    • Looking to follow current and former Hershey Bears and Bears-adjacent folks on Twitter? Look no further, stalkers fans. [SHOE]
  • Locked-out player news:
    • Three things to learn from Ovi's hat trick. One for each goal, how handy! [CSNW]
    • He may still be in Russia but come December 13 Nick Backstrom will likely (temporarily) swap out Dynamo Moscow's logo for the Tre Kronor as he takes part in the Channel One Cup. [SVT.se]
    • Fresh off his first action in Finland, Mathieu Perreault gives an appropriately hairy interview with the local media. [Hifk TV]
    • And back here at home, Mike Green poured one out - actually more than one - for locked-out fans (and paid the tab, too) as he tended bar, signed autographs and played poker to benefit Hurricane Sandy. What a mensch. [RMNB]
  • The lockout may have dampened the giving spirit just a bit, but players and alumni at all levels of the Caps' organization still helped raise some coin for a good cause. Well done, gentlemen. [Caps Outsider]
  • Nothing like the sidelines of FedEx Field for a hockey reunion... [@WaltonHockey]
  • And finally, vote for us! Or, y'know, whomever. (But no really, vote for us!!) [WaPo]

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