Tuesday Caps Clips: 2013 or Bust


Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Another slate of games gets the ax, fans find other uses for their spare time and more.

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Rip the bandage off, people, time for some lockout news:
    • As expected, the NHL made what has to be one of the final cuts to the schedule and cancelled all games through December 30. And so the 2012-13 season pretty much becomes the 2013 season with one fell swoop. [Puck Daddy, SI.com, Caps, Globe and Mail]
    • Unraveling the myth and the reality behind some of what each side has put on the table to this point. [Y! Sports, Puck Daddy]
    • Take a walk down memory lane and remember when Bob Goodenow's players held all the cards. And yet still ended up getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop last time the NHL and NHLPA clashed, so... yeah. [The Star]
    • The fans are revolting! Err... boycotting! [Puck Daddy, Habs EOTP]
    • All well and good, but perhaps the most influential people in these negotiations, outside of the NHL and NHLPA, are the sponsors - aka the people who pay good money to be associated with the League. Spoiler alert: they're not happy. [Sportsnet, BHS]
    • But don't worry, because both sides are still just posturing and an end is in sight. It has to be... right? [Tom Benjamin, THN, USA Today, ESPN, Peerless]
    • KHL to the NHL: take your time on that whole "fixing the lockout" thing. [NPR]
    • Speaking of the KHL, if you want to feel involved try your hand at filling out their All-Star ballot. Send Alex Ovechkin to Chelyabinsk!! [KHL]
    • Numbers don't always tell the whole tale, but they can give away a good (and pretty bleak) chunk of the story - especially when laid out with pretty colors and shiny charts. [CBC]
    • Moron, err, more on long-term contracts. [mc79hockey]
  • Locked-out players speak, part 1, as Mathieu Perreault chats about his time in Finland so far. [Japers' Rink]
  • Locked-out players speak, part 2, as Roman Hamrlik softens some of his previous criticisms of the NHLPA (but only so much). [TSN, NextSportStar (YouTube)]
  • News from Chocolatetown and beyond:
    • Braden Holtby should have been following up a triumphant playoff performance with his first full season in the NHL. Instead he's stuck in Hershey again - and in limbo. [DSP]
    • After starting the season with the Reading Royals of the ECHL, defenseman Brett Flemming is on his way to Hershey - good for Brett, likely not good for Dmitry Orlov, who was injured in the AHL Showcase last week. [Caps, Patriot-News]
    • One of the cooler moments at that AHL Showcase was this stirring - and warmly familiar - duet between regular Caps anthem singers Bob McDonald and Caleb Green to kick things off:

    • Former Caps' coach Dale Hunter has his London Knights back and rolling on an 18-game winning streak. Not exactly 50-50 hockey, eh, Dale? [BHS]
  • He's been a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame for almost a month now, but if you missed it the first time around (or just want to relive it), check out Adam Oates' induction speech. Lil' dusty in here. [YouTube]
  • Top fifty lists are for chumps - the always great DobberHockey has their updated list of the top 215 prospects ready to go. Peruse, scroll, debate. [DobberHockey]
  • Speaking of prospects, it's wheels down in Calgary for Caps first-rounder Tom Wilson and the rest of the U20 Team Canada hopefuls. Selection camp begins today. [Calgary Sun]
  • And finally, Mike Vogel takes us back forty years to a time when a rival league threatened the NHL in the form of the World Hockey Association. [Dump 'n Chase]

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