Saturday Caps Clips: Fehr the Reaper

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: assorted overseas goodies, updates on the Bears and the upcoming AHL Showcase in DC, lockout news and more.

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Get your passports ready, kids, we're headed overseas:
    • So KHL defensemen appear to have not yet mastered Alex Ovechkin's patented "outside-inside" rush to the net (although admittedly this one's a little cooler than usual, and somehow only results in an assist). [Alex Ovetjkin]
    • Mathieu Perreault seems to be part of a very small minority heading to Finland to play. The biggest issue in the lack of NHL-Finnish crossover? Taxes. Natch. []
    • Meanwhile, Brooks Laich's lone appearance on the scoresheet of his team's dismal outing against Bern last night is a minor for "kniestich". Which Google-y translates to "knee stitch". Which really is no less confusing. []
  • Say go ahead, pretty baby, go on and lock yourself out...
    • From the fine people who brought us such buzzwords as "mediator" and "decertification" comes a shiny new entry to the lockout lexicon: "disclaimer of interest". And apparently it's not a good move for the NHLPA. [CBC]
    • The players are currently mulling over a strange offer to meet directly with the owners. You know what that means... food fight!!1! [Puck Daddy, ESPN,, THN]
    • Gary Bettman must go, take 452934. Y'know, these calls for Gary's head are all well and good except for the fact that the majority of the people with the power to fire him, love him. Minor detail. [ESPN Chicago]
  • Know what locked-out NHLers do for fun when there's no hockey? Grow really hideous mustaches. Thank goodness it's for charity (and that Movember is blissfully, mercifully over). [CBC]
  • While the big boys are waiting for a settlement, the next generation (i.e. the guys who will go through this 5-7 years from now) is waiting in the wings... [Toronto Sun]
  • ...including a few with some good genes. Hey there, Max "Wild Thing, Jr." Iafrate. [Sportsnet]
  • Good news, Hershey fans - with their 5-2 win over the Sound Tigers last night, the Bears officially have their first three-game winning streak of the season. [Hershey Bears, Stucc's Glove and Blogger, LDNews, Patriot-News]
  • Better news, hockey fans - the AHL Showcase this Thursday will be carried on Comcast Sportsnet (and if you're craving live hockey there are still a few tickets available... though not many). [CSN]
  • And finally, happy 61st birthday to Rick Bragnalo.

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