New Wojtek Wolski interview

This is my first FanPost, so bear with me. Let me introduce myself. I have been a long time reader of this blog. I was born in Poland and left my country in 1988. I live in Canada now.

The latest Wojtek interview with Tomasz Sokolowski (in Polish) and here is my first ever transcription:

1. Have you adapted to the new team and Sanok, yet? You have been here a month.

WW: I really like my new team. I have been improving on the ice as well.

2. What do you think about your new coach Štefan Mikeš?

WW: We have had three practices so far, but I really like him. He has implemented a new system that is based on the Canadian style. We drive a lot and shoot on goal. The workouts are virtually identical to those in the NHL. Everyone is working hard and learning the new system.

3. Do any of your teammates have skills to play in the NHL?

WW: Some of my teammates are really talented. They really play well (AHL level) but the NHL players are stronger and faster. The practices are a major difference. In Canada or the U.S the hockey players are working out hard every day (gym, ice etc). Not so much in Poland.

4. So, everything comes down to the practices?

WW: Yes, the NHL uses a very different system and workouts. The new coach (KH Sanok) knows it and tries to implement this new system here.

5. Let's talk about the locker room and the atmosphere there. I have noticed that after the practices everyone is relaxed. It seems that recently there is a theme in the locker room - what did Wojtek Wolski forget today? Does it happen often that you forget something?

WW: Yes, it has happened few times. In the NHL, I do not have to worry about anything. All necessary equipment is in the arena. I keep forgetting to take some small stuff (does not give any examples) to the gym or arena and have to go back to the locker room to get it.

6. Let's talk about your shootout moves. I have noticed that some of your teammates are trying to copy some of your moves in the practices.

WW: Yes, they are also watching some YouTube videos. But my goalies have learned some of my moves and it gets harder and harder to score on them now in the practice. It seems to be easier for me to score a goal during the game than in the practice.

7. If you had a chance, would you use any of your moves during the home game at the Sanok arena for the fans?

WW: Yes, if there is a shootout, I would. But it is the coach's decision to use me in the shootout

8. You have played six games for KH Sanok (four in PHL and two friendly international). What would you say about your opponents? Which opponent was the most difficult to play against?

WW: It's hard to say because it has been only six games, so far.

9. You have also worked with some young kids. How did you like it?

WW: It was fun for them and me. I am trying to get involved as much as I can. I will work with them again once the tournament is over (Continental Cup). I am trying to arrange some equipment for these kids.

10. What do you think about the lockout? When do you this lockout will end?

WW: I do not know when it ends. We are waiting. It could be two more weeks, one month or the whole season.

11. Is it true, that if the lockout ends today, you will be on the plane tomorrow?

WW: Yes, the moment the lockout ends, I am packing the bags and flying back to Washington.

12. How playing in the PHL is helping you to be ready for your NHL team the Washington Capitals?

WW: It's my job. I have to be ready for the NHL. Playing here is much better than staying home and just practicing. I am playing more minutes here (20-24 minutes per game). In the NHL only one or two players are playing these minutes. The practices here are hard here but different than in the NHL. They are less intense - more time on the ice (two times a day) but less intense (players do not give 100%). That's one thing that needs to change in Poland. All the coaches need to realize that "more does not mean better".

Wojtek also talked about his parents and their support.

I miss hockey.

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