Tuesday Caps Clips

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes with links to notes on training camp in Hershey, Ovechkin and Laich in Europe, the ongoing labor situation and more.

Your savory breakfast links:

● Hershey's training camp is in full swing:

○ The Caps' coaching crew is getting their feet wet with the Bears. [Capitals Voice (Oates, Johansson)]

○ Thankfully they'll have some help in seasoned vet and Hershey head coach Mark French. [Patriot-News (video)]

○ Checking in on a trio of netminders - Braden Holtby, Brandon Anderson and Philipp Grubauer [Patriot-News (and again), Stack the Pads (YouTube)]

○ And some pics. [Bears in Pics (Group A, Group B)]

● Put the scrapbooks and corkboards away - Monumental Sports & Entertainment is introducing their new digital ticket system. [Capitals, DSP, CSNW]

● Pessimism: We're inching closer to the loss of the first regular season games of the 2012-13 season. [Puck Daddy]

● Optimism: But maybe don't kiss the entire season goodbye just yet. [NHLNumbers]

● A panel of statistical analysts sat down to rank the top signings of the summer. Add a box of Bugles and some light beer and you have got yourself a par-tay. [Hockey Prospectus]

● Get ready to feign shock: the Caps are only the third-most popular team in the DC metro area, behind the NL East Champion (!) Washington Nationals and RGIII's team the Redskins. [WTOP]

● Our very own JP sits down with CapsCast to talk about the Caps and, of course, the lockout. [CapsCast]

● In case you've forgotten where the boys have scattered thus far, the Post has a pretty new map to help you keep track. [WaPo]

Brooks Laich lost his v-...er, scored his first goal for the Kloten Flyers... [Japers' Rink]

● ...while his captain lit it up in the KHL, picking up a goal and an assist in Dynamo's 5-1 win over Neftekhimik. [Alex Ovetjkin, RMNB]

● Through its history the Capitals organization has employed its fair share of lovable role players, from Bobby Gould to Quintin Laing and everywhere in between. So who's your fave? [RtR]

● A look back at the Caps' 1975-76 season, in which they won a whopping 11 games and it was an improvement. Good times. [Capitals]

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