Last day before the rookie game


Today was the final day of camp before the team travels up to Philadelphia to play the Flyers prospects. Today the goalies were working on puck handling before the actual practice and Anderson really stood out with his puck handling abilities. I have been very impressed with him both days I have watched. Once again Dmitry Orlov was the first skater to the ice, something I like because I feel it shows that he is coming ready to work.


The lines today looked like this:

Red: Galiev-Eakin-Ross

Gray: Stefishen-Sjogren-Mitchell

White: Henley-Edmonson-Paquette/De Kastrozza (moved to D halfway through practice)

Green: Elliot-Frazee-Lockhart


D-Pairs after De Kastrozza moved back because before he did it was just a rotation (note De Kastrozza move back to forward for the scrimmage)


Stevenson-De Kastrozza




Noticing that the gray line has two new wingers for Sjogren not sure if it was to try to give him different looks or what but he seemed to struggle a bit with the change and it just made Eakin look a little better having had more time with his line mates. Sjogren did briefly wear read during power play drills replacing Ross so clearly the team is still trying to see what they have with him. Also since the prospects were not on the usual Caps rink and the Caps brass could not watch from the office I was able to see GM George McPhee sitting with Claude Lemieux, representative for Mattias Sjogren.


After practice the group split into two teams


Dark team:

Green line

Grey line







White team:

Red line

White line






The actual scrimmage was quite sloppy with many turnovers with a very aggressive defense being played by both sides. The two best opportunities came on and end to end rush by Orlov who lost the puck driving the net after going around 3 players and a two on one that Orlov forced a bad pass by Sjogren to end any threat. At the end it was a scoreless tie which let to a shootout because even in rookie scrimmages we can’t have ties in the NHL anymore.


The dark team shot first with Garrett Mitchell shooting the puck over the net. White countered with Cody Eakin who fired a wrister over the glove of Grubauer for a goal. Next for the dark was Thomas Frazee who went top shelf on Anderson to tie the shootout at 1. Stanislav Galiev went way wide before cutting in and running out of room and being stuffed down low on his attempt. The dark team sent Mattias Sjogren out to try to take the lead but he was denied by the glove of Anderson leaving the game in the hands of defenseman Brett Flemming. Flemming made a great move and got Grubauer to bite on and finished with a flick of the wrist sending the puck top shelf and sending the white team off as the winners.

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