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Well, friends, the games are over for our Washington Capitals for another spring.  This time around, the collapse was swift and linear, rather than how playoff exits tend to unfold for Les Capitals.  So it is again the season of our discontent as fans, many of you having already suffered through quite a few agonizing, abrupt, traumatic playoff series defeats over the decades that an NHL hockey franchise has headquartered its business in the D.C. area.  This time around, are you incredulous?  Infuriated?  Or perhaps numb, despondent.  Resigned.

Listen to Russell and I take to the interwaves again for another episode of Japers' Rink Radio at 4 pm tomorrow.  Call in and share your emotions.  We're here for you.  We can get through this one too, like we always have before.  One hour of therapy, free of charge.

But we also intend to sharpen our knives and steady our hands to perform the autopsy on the 2010-11 Capitals season.  And who better to guide us through a frank post-mortem on our beloved team than CSN Washington analyst and legendary former Cap, Alan May?

We'll talk coaching.  Will Coach Bruce Boudreau really return behind the Caps bench -- as opposed to, say, one of another team -- for the start of another campaign?  Should he?  How much of the blame for falling right into a sinkhole in round two should sit on the shoulders of General Manager George McPhee?  Every player suffers from ailments during the post-season, but did the injuries to the blue line provide a legitimate excuse this spring?  Are the Young Guns truly a Cup-capable corps?  A supremely talented and relentless group like those that, we've recently witnessed, led their teams to ultimate glory in Chicago and Pittsburgh?  Which free agents-to-be should the club retain?  What type of personnel overhaul is required?  And, we also should ask, for what system?

And, finally, with the 2010-11 regular slate having been billed as an 82-game preparation for, well, what we just saw, whither the 2011-12 regular season?     

Here's your question for tomorrow's show:

Which skater's post-season performance was most disappointing to you?  Positively surprising?

The call in number is (917) 388-4003 and we'll take your questions and comments @japersrinkradio

Let us facilitate your catharsis, and begin the healing. 

If you're in a band based in the DC or Baltimore metro area and would like your music used in future episodes of JRR, email us at japersrinkradio@gmail.com.

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