I propose a Mutually Beneficial Trade ....

As you can guess by my Name I am a FLYERS fan. I do like Ovechkin and quite a few other players on Washington Capitals (Laich, Chimera, Green, Semin, Backstrom, Knuble, Carlson, Holtby, Neuvirth, & Varlamov just to name a few talented players.) I also enjoy a Capitals vs FLYERS matchup.

I even spent about 500 bucks for a pair of club box seat tickets for my birthday (December 04th) to go to the FLYERS vs Capitals game only to see the Capitals crush the FLYERS 8-2. I bought the tickets in October hoping to see Ovechkin vs Richards in a dang good matchup. Only to find out that Ovechkin was out due to an Injury and John Stevens was fired. That layed the bed for a bad game for Philadelphia. Anytime a coach is fired, most of the time the team loses a few before they get the ship back on course.  A few times there is instant wins with the new head coach but most of the time its a few loses before the new coach gets any wins.  So I felt that this was a setup game for a collapse... and boy was I right with that prediction. I saw the referee give Dan Carcillo 9 minutes of penalty time and a 9 minute power play to Washington. I have NEVER EVER in the history of hockey EVER seen a 9 minute power play and I doubt I ever will and I hope that I never ever will either. Thats just stupid ref ! Now I don't want to debate if the Carcillo punch on Matt Bradley was clean or dirty or not.  Thats another topic for another day. 

anyways... back on the main topic .. 

Its clear that both our teams (Washington and Philadelphia) after leading the East for most of the season suffered an Embarrassing 2nd round exit. Philly swept by Boston and Washington swept by Tampa Bay. 

While its embarrasing that the FLYERS thought that they had addressed the goaltending situation with veteran Boucher and Bobrovsky appearing out of nowhere's land. It appeared that all season with the FLYERS leading the Eastern Conference for most of the season that the goaltending was fine even though we had no shutouts all season long. (post season as well included) FLYERS get to April and the wheels started falling of the proverbial wagon. 

Washington it appeared had survived all season long in the Eastern Conference with Ovechkin having a career low scoring wise due to some injuries. They were pretty much second in the East till they made a strong playoff push in the end of March to pass the FLYERS and yank the #1 Seed out from under the FLYERS hands. Good job on that guys, I bid .. Adeu on that ! But they got to the playoffs and struggled with scoring. 

Ok .. So I think I have a fix....

Now I am just a Hockey Fan and just a FLYERS fan so I am no General Manager. I am no George McPhee or Paul Holmgren so I dont know the ins and outs of trades.

But here is a trade option that I think could be considered that would be mutually beneficial to both teams. 

Jeff Carter goes to Washington for Semyon Varlamov to Philadelphia. 

you could use the headlines "Mr Carter goes to Washington" (Spin off of Mr. Smith goes to Washington.. its a classic if you dont know it.) 

Ok this is why I say this would be a good trade.

Jeff Carter would give you another solid strong scoring center that is a veteran. I don't know if Arnott or Knuble are coming back but they are absolutely getting older.  Jeff Carter is younger than both of them but old enough to have experience in the league. 

Semyon Varlamov would work well with Sergei Bobrovsky and it would give the FLYERS two young solid rookie goalies. Both are Russian and can speak the language to each other and have a friendly competitive go at who will be the starter. 

Your Thoughts ? Opinions ? Ideas ? 

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