Recap: Contributors 11, Members 6


It’s a picture of the blog on which the picture is hosted.  Whoa.  Meta.

On a day in which no news was expected (more on that below), the Rink put up a dizzying amount of content, with contributors battling against members to see who would generate the most.  And though the Contributors came away with the most postings, it turned out to be a close battle. 

Ten notes on the day:

  • The contributors, led by team captain JP, started the day with a solid gameplan of posting at least one new message every hour.  Following the Clips at 6:37, JP managed to post his take on John Calder-son at 10:00, Ups and Downs at 11:00, the Nooner at noon (duh), a breakdown of Caps/Rangers fisticuffs at 1:00, and an introduction to Brian Boyle at 2:00. 
  • Of course, opportunism is a critical element of success on a day like today, and the Contributors took advantage of their opportunities, posting the surprise news of Mike Knuble’s extension.  They also found room for the second Caps Rap and what passes for sharp words from the Washington Post beat writer
  • The Members fell behind early (because really, who’s going to compete with JP to post something at about 6:37 in the morning?)  Their only morning contribution was a 1500+ word analysis of some statistic Gould Old Days made up two years ago.  It’s not clear whether Gouldie thought he was going to make up ground through sheer wordiness.  Perhaps he’d have been better off posting it as a serial.
  • The Members definitely made their presence felt in the afternoon, with three fanposts and two fanshots.  It was a strong comeback, but ultimately they couldn’t match the discipline and creativity shown by the Contributors, and they fell short (even before JP posted an insurance fanshot about Alan May).
  • The Caps’ youth movement was a major theme for the day, forming the basis for nice fanposts by j762 and psuscott1 as well as JP’s Carlson writeup.
  • It was a day of recycled content – Professor Bradley would be proud.  The contributors redid their breakdown of Caps/Rangers fights from two years ago.  The fanshots by Gouldie and psuscott1 were updating previous analyses – psuscott1 wrote his earlier this season, Gouldie’s was a moldy two years old.  The most welcome return of an old friend was SombreroGuy’s Operation Poncho 2.0.   The prospect of around 300 ponchos in the stands surrounding John Tortorella is truly epic.
  • Alex Semin was completely invisible on the day.  It’s like he wasn’t even here.
  • A good deal solid content appeared in the comments sections, highlighted by Elliotte's excellent comment in the Ups and Downs.  Elliotte says he’s planning to turn it into a fanpost.  I'm sure planning to rec’ it when it comes up.  No doubt it’ll be a great read.
  • The OT thread put up a relatively subdued 240ish comments, below their season average.  Perhaps it was hard to find when other content knocked it off the front page.
  • Another day like this, and employers around the DC area will probably ban the site.  By one estimate that is based on absolutely no information at all, Japers’ Rink cost the region $2.2 Million in worker productivity today. 

In sum, plenty of information was dropped on 4-11.  The total count was 17 substantive posts and 1300+ comments.  Overall, the day gave a sense of tension released through writing.  The 2011 playoffs have been a long year in coming, and now they seem suddenly upon us.  One thing is certain:  it will be hard for the Rink – Contributors or Members – to keep up today’s frenetic pace. 

The big winners, of course, were all of us who got to read all that good stuff.  And a special thank you is due to the folks who designed the SBNation platform, which makes posting articles and comments so easy and satisfying.

If this FanPost is written by someone other than one of the blog's editors, the opinions expressed in it do not necessarily reflect those of this blog or SB Nation.

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