Random statistics so far this season:

I've been working too hard. Needed something mindless to do, so I was poking around the NHL statistics area:


Only 4 teams have more than 3 game misconducts. PHI: 4, BOS: 7 and the top two? You guessed it: PIT: 9, NYI: 11

MOST DISCIPLINED: Nashville: 8.8 PIM/game (FLA has the least # of total penalties)

LEAST DISCIPLINED: PIT. 17.8 PIM/G, 1265 PIM's, 432 total penalties, 71 majors, 33 minors (#1 in ALL of these categories),

REVENGE FACTOR: Caps are anked LAST in goals for: 1st period. Also ranked #1 in goals AGAINST in the 3rd period (only 48 allowed). Good for  #1 in winning % when trailing after 1st (51.2%)

BIG SHOOTERS: SJS: Most shots per game (34.2). Wild has the least (26.0)

STINGY SOB's:NJD  Least shots against per game (26.3).

WTF STAT: Most shots against per game: BOS (33.3). Yet they're 3rd in goals against with 2.3. A lot of people say that a goalie shouldn't be MVP unless they're the only reason his team makes the playoffs, but with numbers like that, would anyone really be that surprised if Thomas won it?


WORKHORSE: Most faceoffs taken: Eric Staal (1514). That's 21.67 per game! His FO% is only 47.2 though.

BIGGEST @$$#OLe: Most PIM's: Zenon Konopka  (NYI) (243, WAYYYY far in the lead: Ott is next with 183)

MR. TOUGH GUY: Most Majors: George Parros (ANA) (23)

TRASHIEST PLAYER: Most Game Misconducts: You guessed it again: Trevor Gillies  (NYI) with 3.

... I wish I could easily get the most PIM's per game for individuals :)

Most shots:
1 Ovechkin: 332 (Last season he led with 368. He needs 3.6 s/g for the next 10  games to beat this
2 Byfuglien 303 (last season: 211 in 82 games).
3 Kessel 293

Most TOI/G (1. Duncan keith 26:52, 2. Dan Boyle 26:40, 3.  Bouwmeester 25:55)

Most TOI/G for forwards (50. Kovalchuk 22:23, 59. Eric Staal 22:07, 66. Crosby 21:55)

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