I'm not exactly sure what this proves... but... E.Fehr is still my boy.

As many Caps fans, I have wondered about the dramatic decline in point scoring and goals for by the Caps, individually and as a team. Without looking at the numbers I thought for sure that goal scoring was down league wide. I was right, a whopping 1.4%, not exactly what I was expecting. Now that 1.4% was based off of a 3 year league average (as will all other numbers I compare current numbers too).

Lets start with the man that has won more personal hardware over the last 4 years than any other player, one Alexander Ovechkin. While he is sitting currently in 5th place in points overall in the league, his numbers show that his point production is down 25%. In 2007/08, 08/09 and 09/10, Ovechkin average an impressive 1.42 ppg average, now it has dipped to 1.06 ppg. Why? System? Predictability? Lack of effort?

Ovechkin isn't the only Cap suffering from a significant drop in production. Nick Backstrom broke out last season with a 100+ point season leaving us of thoughts of him being a top 3 center league wide. Well Backstrom's production is down 22% from his 3 year average. Now he has been hampered with some nagging injuries, but 22% is a significant number.

The other Alex is down too, 15% vs his 3 year average. Brooksy is down as well, 13%.

That brings us to Mike Green who has either completely redefined himself or is skating around with some missing pieces. Green's point production has taken a nose dive, a staggering 47%. Think about 47% for a minute, that's crazy. If I was 47% younger I'd be 21. With all of this said however, I'm not exactly upset with Green's play over the season. He certainly has more than tweaked his style of play.

But, Mike Green's decline in point production is a huge factor in the teams overall goal scoring decline, and vice versa, Green's new defense first mentality has also contributed to the teams overall improvement in goals against, I think?

Now what does this have to do with E.Fehr, my boy?

I only picked players to compare that are counted on for scoring and that are trending up. No Knuble or 3rd or 4th liners. E.Fehr still is playing mostly on the 3rd line but is getting more PP time with the departure of Flash. E.Fehr's has only a 8% drop in his 2 year production. Not exactly what I was expecting looking at his numbers.

My conclusion? 8 19 16.


           07/08            08/09            09/10         3yr avg            10/11
Ovechkin 1.36 1.39 1.513 1.42 1.06 -0.25
Backstrom 0.84 1.07 1.23 1.05 0.82 -0.22
Semin 0.67 1.27 1.15 1.03 0.87 -0.15
Laich 0.45 0.65 0.76 0.62 0.54 -0.13
Green 0.68 1.07 1.01 0.92 0.49 -0.47
Fehr 0.41 0.56 0.49 0.45 -0.08
WAS 2.95 3.32 3.88 3.38 2.69 -0.2
NHL 2.72 2.85 2.77 2.78 2.74 -0.014

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