The Official Name for the Capitals New Shutdown Line

So the Mad Line Juggler (BB) listened to our pleas from the offseason and put together the checking line of Chimera, Laich, and Ward that many of us thought would become a bonafide shutdown line, and so far in the infantile stages of this season this line has not only met our expectations but exceeded them by locking down Carolina and Tampa Bay's top lines as well as producing a surprising amount of offense against them. This post is dedicated to finding an official monicker for this so far highly successful line that could actually stay together and become a force to be reckoned with in the long haul. Plus line nicknames are always fun exercise in hockey fandom. After the jump I'm going to gloss over a couple nickname ideas I've seen thrown around in the comments that have been popular, then add a couple of my ideas into the mix, then leave it up to the wonderful readers of this blog to vote and/comment on which name is best and finally decide a nickname for this immaculate trio.


The Claw Line = Chimera, Laich, Ward

Derived from the first letters of each line mates' last names this name uses the classic initial construction method yet is quite effective as it conjures up images of a vice like claw grasping and shackling top lines in its grips as well as clawing for that extra inch on the ice.

Project Mayhem = Wonderful picture posted in Have the Capitals Found Their Shutdown Five?

In the comment section of the recent cover story on this site that detailed how awesome this line has been a artistically gifted Rink Rat posted a bad ass black and white picture of Chimera, Laich, and Ward with the block title "Project Mayhem" underneath their intimidating mugs. The name doesn't exactly refer to anything about the line specifically but it simply a great name that indicates the kind of chaos this line brings to the ice, disrupting the offensive game of top lines everywhere.

BJJ Line = Brooks, Jason, Joel Line/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Line

This is a nickname I came up with which combines the initial construction method along with a defensive reference. I used the first letter of each line mates' first name with Brooks going first and then followed by either winger. Not only is this a catchy initial monicker, but BJJ also stands for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which is a mixed martial arts grappling technique that is known as one of the most effective self defense disciplines in the world today, and is used by countless fighters in the UFC. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu utilizes more refined technique and combat knowledge in order for its learners to overcome lack of weight, natural talent or athleticism, which I think perfectly defines a line that is tasked with shutting down some of the most talented lines in the NHL.

Overpaid Avengers = Look at our cap situation and each of their contracts!

While we are all happy to have these three warriors on our team let's be honest here: They are all overpaid to some degree. Many of us here at the Rink grumbled at Chimera's salary when he re-upped during training camp, a lot of us aren't too stoked with the number it took to resign Laich even though it may have been at market value, and many people questioned a $3 mil over four years contract handed to a career 3rd line grinder who had one great playoff run. Basically if we could assign salary to each of these players in a vacuum based on what they bring to the table (excluding market value, GM loyalty, etc) kind of in an NHL 12 fashion, for each player I think that number would be a good amount lower than what they are currently making. However this line seems to be working their hardest to avenge and show that they deserve every cent in these contracts, thus the name Overpaid Avengers is brought to light.

Other = You have your own good ideas

If you have any new ideas, or think that none of the names above are good enough then just comment below with your own thoughts and fresh ideas on what this line's nickname should be.

If this FanPost is written by someone other than one of the blog's editors, the opinions expressed in it do not necessarily reflect those of this blog or SB Nation.

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