Just your average player

So I downloaded all hockey player stats for people who skated in the NHL for 2009-2010 (879 players total. Wow).

I was curious, if everyone played 82 games, and they all had the exact same ice time, what would everyone's stats look like? So I ran some formulas.

 I multiples everyone's G/A/Pts/PIM times (82/games played for player) to get adjusted stats based on playing 82 games.

Then, to normalize everyone (simulating they all played the exact same # of seconds), I took the player with the highest Average Time on Ice ( Joni Pitkanen 27:23 or 1643 seconds) and then multipled each players' GAME ADJUSTED stats times (1643/player's time on ice in seconds).  So next person down on AvgTOI was Duncan Keith with 26:36 (or 1596 seconds). So Duncan played all 82 games so his G/A/Pts/PIM stay the same and then are multipled by 1643/1569). So Duncan's 14/55/69 in 82 games turn into 14.41/56.61/71.03 if he played the same amount of minutes as Pitkanen.

My results can be found here in this spreadsheet. (you need Excel 97 of newer). The yellow columns at the end are the adjustments. Here is a screen shot of the top adjusted points as well:

There may be a better way to figure this out, but I think it's a fair enough way to tell who did the most with their ice time.

 Obviously, some players who only got 1-2 games and did really well during their shifts are going to skyrocket to the top of this list, but that's fine. If a player only plays 3 games @ 2 minutes a game and manages to get 2 points. Sure his game adjusted stats (82 games = roughly 55 points). But then  Pitkanen's played 13.69 times the amount of tims so multiply that by 55 and you get 753.

That was just an example. You actually DON'T get anyone anywhere near that. In fact, the highest Adjusted points is 234.71 (Joe Callahan/SJS one game, 9:34 played, 1 assist). But Hell.. if someone only played 6 minutes and got 2 points in that 6 minutes, they deserve some KUDOS. Here are some highlights if you can't download the spreadsheet:

HIGHEST Adjusted Points:

Joe Callahan (SJS): 234 Points (a defenseman!!!), but only 1 game played (Also highest adjusted assists)

HIGHEST Adjusted Points by someone who played at least 10 games:

Daniel Sedin (VAN): 158

MOST Adjusted Goals:

Colin McDonald (EDM): 167 (only 2 games)

MOST Adjusted Goals by someone who played at least 10 games

DUH! Alex Ovechkin: 71.52

MOST Adjusted Goals by a Defenseman:

Marc-Andre Bergeron (MON): 32:29 (Mike Green third with 22.32)

MOST Penalty Minutes

Joel Rechlicz (NYI) 3765

MOST Penalty Minutes by someone who played at least 10 games:

Trevor Gillies (NYI)  3151 

MOST Points by a player 30 years or older:

Keith Aucion (WAS): 141.75 (In fact, he's #10 overall !!!)

MOST Goals by a plyer 30 years or older:

Teemu Selanne (ANA): 64.83 (He's still got it!)

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