Why I dislike the term "the gimmick"

Yes, I actually LIKE the shootout.

And, yes, I actually find the term "the gimmick" dismissive of somebody's preference for the shootout as though they are a hockey newbie/neophyte/ignoramus/short-attention-span-idiot-American, etc., that will learn to appreciate the true game of hockey when they grow up.  It's very similar to how some people dismiss those who object to fighting (and yes, I do) as people who "just don't understand real hockey".

When I first began this post, I was planning on the title "In Defense of "the gimmick", and had even begun to start a defense by listing the most common arguments against (in order to rebut them).  But in doing so it occurred to me, I don't care that somebody disagrees with my overtime preference, I dislike that my opinion is being widely conveyed as, at best silly, at worst ridiculous and stupid. 

The term, the gimmick, isn't always used dismissively, but often it is.  And in a world where politics and class and religion and society play out their differences with wars of words, that are heavily laden with anger,belittlement,  dismissiveness, intentional misrepresentation, biogotry and more, I really appreciate that such discourse typically does not exist at The Rink.

I feel calling the shootout "the gimmick" crosses that line, and I'd love to see it gone from the Rink lexicon.  I'm not directly asking you all to stop using the term, just consider what you're saying to those who appreciate the shootout, and make up your own mind.

Am I being WAY too sensitive... probably.

But unlike the many, many things I've said here that deserve being ostracized, (and no I'm not going to link you to my own stupid comments, feel free to quote them yourselves), I think this isn't one of 'em.

As Dennis Miller used to say (back when he was actually,... funny):
"But, hey...  that's just my opinion.  I could be wrong".

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