OT: Caps fans, Zimmerman needs your help.

Ryan Zimmerman needs your votes for the MLB all-star game here.
I realize this is a hockey board, and I do not mean to intrude or take away from more important matters for Caps fans such as what we will do in free agency, how we can gain on other Eastern conference foes, what's happening with the draft, or what the Capitals are doing to foster the development of their young core. On the other hand, I do know that at least several of you have attended a Stephen Strasburg start of other Nats games as a diversion during the offseason. If you are starting to care about the Nats or Stephen Strasburg at all, please click the link above and vote Ryan Zimmerman to the all-star game. A couple of quick reasons after the jump.

1) Zim got borderline screwed. Not Joey Votto leading the league in power hitting categories, but screwed nonetheless. Atlanta, home of the hated Thrashers, found a way to get a part-time utility player by the name of Omar Infante to get named to the team at 3B. He doesn't even start for his own team. He has 1 home run this year. His presence is a diss to Washington teams everywhere.

2) Matt Capps was named our only all-star. We enjoy the "LET'S GO CAPPS" cheers at Nationals games. That's cool. But we are still a little wary of a guy that we got from Pittsburgh. He needs more time to prove his loyalty to the cause.

3) Zimmerman is a clutch hombre. Since getting named to the Final Vote, he has done everything to prove those who put Scott Rolen's first half over Zimmerman's all around brilliance wrong, wrong, wrong. Zimmerman has hit 3 home runs, including a walk off home run last night off of one of San Diego's best relievers. San Diego is in first place in the NL West, and Zim hit a meaningful home run at the most meaningful time to send the diehard almost 15,000 or so fans happy.

4) Nats fans would be willing to offer significant help to the Caps cause for your time. Let us know what we have to do, and I'll post it on Federal Baseball. More contributions to Theo's charity, attend a Strasburg start in Caps gear (I'd go in my Ovechkin T-shirt), work on getting Nyjer Morgan, former hockey player, more connected to The Rink. Y'all let me know what we can do as baseball fans to help the cause.

5) Your silence makes Boston Bruins fans happy and Philadelphia helped screw over Zimmerman. The other leading NL candidate, Joey Votto, has partnered with Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox for his vote. Partnering with anything related to the Boston Bruins is bad news. Likewise, Philadelphia is half the reason for our problem. By selecting undeserving Philadelphia Philly Ryan Howard onto the team instead of more deserving Joey Votto, Joey Votto was allowed to remain the leading candidate on the Final Vote ballot. Philadelphia screwing over little guys and DC players, sounds like injustice to me. Edit: The biggest Philly screwing of all is Charlie Manuel selecting Omar Infante the utility guy over Zimmerman. Infante has 1HR while hitting .307 and getting on base at a .337 pace with next to no power with a .369 slugging percentage. Zimmerman has hit .296 with a 384 on base percentage while slugging .533 and hitting 16 HR.

The Washington Capitals are the trailblazers of winning in the 2000s in DC sports. They are inspiring the Wizards and Nationals to get off the pile of stink they have offered the last couple of years. Ryan Zimmerman is the foundation of this improvement for the Nats, the man who has paved the way for Stephen Strasburg with 11 walkoff RBI, and deserves your vote. Any questions post 'em here. And I'll answer them no later than the Nats game at 7:00.

Vote DC! Vote Ryan Zimmerman!

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