The Great Debate

From the Archives of MVP Sports Talk July 17, 2010


Just another Ovechkin Crosby comparison


For the past five years one of the biggest debates in all of sports is who is a better hockey player, Alexander Ovechkin the flashy Left Winger for a revived Capital's Team or Sidney Crosby the golden boy of Team Canada and star center of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I believe it is pretty obvious to us all that Ovechkin is the more talented of the two but being more talented does not automatically mean he is better because being a complete player means that you have to have leadership skills, the talent, the work ethic, and the desire to go out and win your team hockey games.


Both young men have great claims to the title of being the top player in the game but there can only be a single player that is the BEST in the sport.  Here I will go 1 by 1 on certain aspects of their game to see who the edge goes to for the NHL's top player. 


Sidney Crosby is a great player who excels at all aspects on the offensive side of the game and can make all fans jump to their feet with his open ice skills or while he is on the break away BUT

Alexander Ovechkin has been a one man show setting of fireworks ever since he arrived in the District from scoring goals while sliding on his back, to setting of the crowd with his creative celebrations, all the way through the sound of the bone crushing hits he lays on players Ovechkin keeps the crowd riled up throughout the whole night.


Edge to Ovechkin 


This one has to go to Crosby, He has hoisted the cup as a captian, Ovie hasn't hoisted it at all.  Plain and simple.


Edge to Crosby  


Although Crosby led the league in goals last season and has improved his shooting to an outsanding level Ovechkin has what is argueably the best shot in all of the NHL so in this case Ovie is first Crosby is a close second.


Slight Edge to Ovechkin 


Ovechkin is a better playmaker than many give him credit for and doesn't show his abilities a lot because he has assumed the role of Sniper on a revamped Caps team but Sid the Kid is the overall best playmaker in the game.  He has the quickness and the pinpoint passing to make things happen on the break or in open ice.


Edge to Crosby 


Crosby has improved on the defensive end and his quickness helps him make up if he gets beaten.  He also has fast hands on the pokecheck but Ovechkin wins this batgtle because of his all around defensive play.  He can poke check, he isn't afraid to drop in front of a shot, and he will deliver bone crushing hits, which have gotten him in trouble, but usually his checks are clean.


Edge to Ovechkin 


This is a weak spot for Crosby who falls just a little bit too easily after less than shattering hits and one of Ovechkin's stronger suits because he seems to like recieving hits as much as he likes to dish them out.


Edge to Ovechkin 

On this scale Ovechkin seems to be a slightly better player winning 4-2 in my ratings but its just what I think.  Please share your opinions with me by commenting and voting in our poll on the left side of my blog page.


-Andrew F Visit my blog and vote in our Crosby vs. Ovechkin poll at MVP Sorts Talk

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