Who do you want from the Blackhawks roster?

Looking at the Chicago Blackhawk salary cap disaster, uh I mean situation (not really), they have some really talented players that they may not be able to keep around and would look pretty nice in Capitals sweater. Now the gaping hole that has been irritating me has been the joke that has been our 2C situation. Laich, love him, can't play C. Morrison needs to go play C somewhere else. Belanger isn't the answer. Perreault needs more time on the 3rd line before he gets a chance. Flash, well, nevermind. Mackan isn't ready yet either.

We need a significant upgrade at 2C and as much as I like Koivu, he is 35 and really isn't the answer either. Modano and Jokinen aren't on the top of my list. GMGM lets make a deal with Chicago. They need cheaper solutions to fill the holes they'll have after this summers salary purging.

Chicago Blackhawks Salary Cap 2010/2011 at a glance.

Right now the Blackhawks have 14 players signed for next season @ $55.5M. Which leaves them $1.3M to sign 9 players, thats obviously impossible.

Players that are UFA's like Madden and Johnsson are gone. They will have to be replaced. RFA's like Ladd and Hjalmarsson are likely casualties as well.

Lets say they purge Versteeg, Byfuglien and Sopel. That will free up $8.4M, add that to $1.3M and you'll have $9.7M to sign 9 players.

You have to figure that they will keep Niemi, who is a RFA who is eligible for arbitration. Niemi didn't have a good year, he had a great year and the longer the Hawks remain in the playoffs, Niemi's number get higher. My guess that he will get somewhere close to $3.5M to $4.0M. Lets assume he gets the smaller number, $3.5M. That leaves $6.2M left to sign 8 players, or an average $775K per player. The Hawks have the 18th best rated farm system according to Hockey Futures, we have the 4th, can you imagine if we had to replace 8 current roster spots with 8 Hershey players? We'd be crying.

The reality is that the Hawks need to get cheaper and the only way to do that is to trade some of their quality players to get quality NHL ready players at lower pay rate. They aren't trading Keith, Toews or Kane. Campbell, Huet and Hossa are untradeable because of their contracts. That leaves Bolland, Sharp and Seabrook as their moveable assets.

Who do I want? Patrick Sharp. Bolland's contract ends in 2014, no thanks. No need for Seabrook.

Sharp currently makes $3.9M and his contract expires after the 2011/2012 season.

His 3 year averages are 29 goals, 28 assists, +18 in 74 games. Good numbers for 2nd line player in defensively oriented team. I'll let whoever wants to get his Corsi numbers to punch holes in my theory.

Sharp can play both W and C. Sharp has taken 466, 566 and 594 faceoffs the past 3 years with winning percentages of 51%, 45% and 51% in those respective years.

Personally, I think the 2C on this team with Semin on the line doesn't really need true pivot in the traditional sense. I think Sharp and Semin would work perfectly together.

Now how do we get him?

I say we can do it by trading Flash, a top 10 prospect and a high draft pick. The prospect we send them may not be ready to play for us but will probably see the ice immediately for the Hawks next season.

Just a pipedream of mine.

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