Price fell down before the tsar himself -- Alex Ovechkin (translation from French)

Le Canadien s'effondre (The Canadiens' collapse) from the Journal of Montreal, 4-19-2010

My translation --

The Canadiens had a very good start in the match.  It was in the second period that things got ugly, and when Jarslav Halak left the match in the middle of the period, it was already too late for Jacques Martin's team.

The atmosphere was there this evening at Centre Bell.  The Habs began the game like lions.  Perhaps it was because Jean Beliveau was in the stands.  The former captain was present at a game for the first times since suffering a stroke on January 20. 

Mid-way through the first period, there was no lack of scoring chances.  The Habs benefited from several quality chances, since the Caps had a power play without scoring. 

The tempo of the match was electric.  Benoit Pouliot, in particular, was all over the ice during the first period.  Montreal had to kill two penalties toward the end of the period.  Hall Gill and Jaroslav Halak, among others, helped the Habs save the goods.  The Canadiens dominated shots on goal in the first period, with 10 to the Capitals 7.

After a furious first period, things calmed down a little in the second.  Bruce Boudreau took advantage of the opportunity to freely use his best players, and it bore fruit.  Ovechkin and his band scored 4 goals in 13 minutes and never looked back.  In the process they chased Halak from the match, who had a few things to be sorry for. (Translators note -- the score was 3 - 0 at the goalie change.)

The change in goalies didn't help the miseries of the Canadiens.  About five minutes after coming into the match, Carey Price feel down before the tsar himself -- Alex Ovechkin.  (Price a flanché, cette fois devant le tsar lui-même, Alex Ovechkin.) That brought the score to 4 - 0 Washington.

After a difficult beginning to the third period, the Canadiens spoiled the shut out in scoring a pretty goal.  Tomas Plekanec scored his third goal in the series, on a power play.  Cammalleri and Hamrlik assisted on the play. 

The Canadiens didn't give up in the third period and continued to battle fiercely.  Even though the Capitals scored a fifth goal late in the period, it bodes well for the fourth match of the series, which will take place at Bell Centre Wednesday at 7pm.

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